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Los Santos... A liberal hating state?


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I was wondering if Los Santos is a red dominated state... a state that is pro Republican and anti democrats/Liberals.

Edited by LordRaijin
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Kinda, the radios and TV commercials seems to be siding with Republican Jock Cranley and going against Democratic Sue Murray quite often.

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The good thing about GTA is that it mocks both the right-wing and the left-wing.

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Cutter De Blanc

Reminds me of the hillbilly guy when you bump his car or something and he'll shout, "f*ckin' liberals!"

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Los Santos isn't a state. The state you mean is San Andreas.

Probably it's like in California. Rural areas are dominated by GOP, urban areas by the Democrats.

Edited by Excolis
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The best crack at Liberals was when Trevor asked Cletus if they were hunting them.

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They seemed to have confused California with Texas.

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They seemed to have confused California with Texas.

Agreed. California is one of the most Democratic States in the US.

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Edward Nashton

Not sure how recent this is but according to this the coastal areas of Cali are more liberal - while inland areas are more conservative.PoliticalGeogFigure-4_web.png

I live in L.A and if you ask me, I've noticed the political climate changes the further up north you go from Dem to Rep, weird, I'd say SA is still fairly accurate with it's political demographics.

Edited by Edward Nashton
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Blaine County definitely leans conservative. You can hear conservatism especially in the Piswasser commercial where the redneck singing it attacks illegal immigrants and says he's a patriotic American. It gives me an image of the tea parties they have here in the US. :whuh: In regards to the guys who drive the tractors around, I've actually heard one use the word "Democrat." Even in San Andreas there's a pedestrian that says she's a Democrat if you jack her.

Edited by buginafug
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Doland J. Trump

Most coastal areas of the US are Liberal and the further in you go the more conservative you get. Pretty much everything to the right of California is GOP dominated (Texas, Midwest areas etc.) Although the closer to the NY you get it's a little more Liberal.

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