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LoS Productions (Don't Overlook)


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LoS Productions is recruiting for our film production team are having an open recruitment meetup at 9pm est. msg for inv we have a track record.....enjoy..









I have a lot of personal experience with cinematography, animation, writing, graphic and video editing. As you may see This also isn't my teams first rodeo.. even did a few other skits even on Upload Studio that alot of 'Featured Creators' enjoy and shared and a few others I didn't upload or would be able to talk about. I leave the audio to my sound engineer who works with me and the voice acting to the professionals who's apart of this production as well.


LYTZ Out SoCiety - LoS Productions

LYTZ Out SoCiety is not a clan, we're not a community, or a crew or anything like that. We're an online Gaming SoCiety That I'm currently re-branding with LoS Productions. LoS Production is a division focused on making Machinima films, skits, web series and soon other things I can't say at the time being because we keep everything on a hush hush basis.. This is a pretty loyal and committed production. and a lot of time and dedication goes into our work and its fun and rewarding. But this is also a very serious and mature division, meaning we take this very seriously and this isn't something for kids or you're average

gamer and we look for like-minded people to join us. If you have a background in filming, being in the industry, a movie/game lover, being a critic, designing you're own game, or just a passion for it, is considered like-minded... not just because "it looks cool"... reason why is because its alot of time and things and if your hearts not in it.. it wouldn't be something you would be into.



In-Game Acting

Its pretty much self explanatory but to clarify, Were looking for people that can be available, fly, shoot, drive realistically. Not GTA style. We need stunt doubles, actors, main actors, supporting actors, extra's, the whole kit and ka boodle! We test everyone out for each role but we don't give anything to anyone if they don't want

it or see fit. You would have to buy certain things, change your clothing obviously, read scripts, etc (your voice won't be recorded). We pretty much do everything you would do in live action or animation, this is a Machinima which is just a category in filming.


We have a lot of projects that we're working on that I would love to share but i can't give any real detail because i keep all LoS and LoS Productions under a NDA( Non-disclosed Agreement). it pretty much means you won't post, share, leak, sell, or spill the beans about your involvement with LoS (had someone leak info on our work before...it wasn't fun). With that being said, this wouldn't be something for like one day, or an hour or just one skit.. this is something that we dedicate to and would love for you to be apart. so to sum things up.. that's it in a nutshell. My gamertag is LoS iNamiK and I am the leader of it all. (for almost 5 years now)


message me on xbox LoS iNamiK

Edited by iNamiK
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