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Why is this code never executed?

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Taking a look at this Pastebin can anyone tell me why the method Activated() is never actually called?


I don't think it's the if in a if since this works just fine if i write it in main. I am able to spam Numpad 0 as long it's true.

            if (toggleArray[1] == true)            {                if (e.KeyCode == Keys.NumPad0) // Action key and code                {                    Vehicle vehicle = World.CreateVehicle(VehicleHash.Bati2, Game.Player.Character.Position + Game.Player.Character.ForwardVector * 3.0f, Game.Player.Character.Heading);                    vehicle.PlaceOnGround();                    vehicle.Speed = 300;                    vehicle.MarkAsNoLongerNeeded();                }            }

And if anyone of you could provide some information on some better coding structure, that would be awesome. Would love to transfer all the code (hotkey ect) to the mod1 class. But i have no idear how to pass the arguments from KeyEventArgs.

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in your paste... if line 5 is true then line 12 will ALWAYS be false... simple as that


KeyUp is called when a key goes up and this key is reported in the event arg... if you need to check for two keys then you need to create a flag that tells your key up if a previous keyup with a specific keycode was called.

Edited by c39687

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Oh. Why didn't i spot that. Well thanks. :)

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no prob, if you want to check for both keys at the same time then use a tick or a keydown. In KeyDown you can check keycode for one key and then use Game.IsKeyPressed for the other key. In a tick you can just check both keys using that method for each key.

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