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GTA V PC Randomly freezing


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For me Gta V pc has been randomly freezing and the only way to close the game is to go through task manager and end the game. I don't remember having this problem or anyother problem when I very first installed the game a few a days after it was released. The game loads just fine, but after 5mins, 10 min or if I'm lucky and hour or so it will just freeze, no matter if I'm online or in story mode or what I'm doing.


AMD FX 4300 Quad Core 3.8

Geforce GT 730

Windows 8.1

8gb ram


I've sent a ticket into R* support on May 4th and every so called "solution" they asked me to try has done nothing. I've tried running the game as administrator, running it in compatibility mode, disabling my antivirus, etc..nothing has worked. If I let the game go on while it's frozen, I would eventually have an error that says the game has stopped working or I would have to push the restart button on my computer.


If anyone could help me that would be great. :)


Also I've noticed that both of my program folders are set like this:


Program files - rockstargames - Grand theft auto V

Social Club


Program files(86) - rockstargames - Social Club


Is it supposed to be like that? And when I end GTA V in task manager it says it's not responding when it freezes and there's like 3-4 social club processes running.

Edited by nodoubtfan
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I played for a little bit surprisingly and I actually got through a couple of missions. Then I went to online for a few minutes, but wasn't there long enough to see anything happen cause I had to leave and go somewhere, so I shut it down the correct way. I come back home and load the game and it froze on me. I had to restart my whole computer this time. I load my computer back up and load GTAV. I get to michaels tp start a misson and I'm on my way to the Maze bank arena, I get though that mission and BAM! It freezes on me right after the "you passed the mission" thing pops up. I took a screen shot of the task manager and as you can see GTA isn't responding and the memory is over two thousand mb. Not sure if that's the cause or not, but something isn't right here. Also turning off AVG hasn't done a damn thing. Here's the screenshot



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I once had the same random freezing problem, my spec:


amd phenom 965be quad


12gb ram

windows 7


I suspect it was my aged cpu overheating, so in bios settings I tuned down the cpu voltage a bit and turned off some asus quiet fan options, now the game runs fine.

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