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Grand Theft Auto: The CRASH of Tenpenny

Renegade Rooster

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Renegade Rooster


The Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, better known as CRASH, has been established to combat the risen gang activity in Los Santos. In reality, it was used to manipulate it.

Step into the shoes of Officer Jimmy Hernandez, a newly recruited member of the CRASH who actually want to stop gang violence but this honest cop would have to follow Tenpenny's dirty acts in order gain his trust before stabbing him in the back when he is not looking.

This storyline is inspired by The Tenpenny Stories and just like TTS it will take place in the same timeline of the original San Andreas in CRASH's point of view. Not only that, but it will have some few alternate twists that will suprise the people who finished the orginal game.

So far, only the demo has been released. I will continue to work on this storyline and release the first full episode soon.


This demo contains the intro and the first three missions of the first episode.

Episode 1: Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums

Los Santos, The City of Angels, The Movie Capital and the City of Crime and

Corruption. This is the story of Officer Hernandez, an honest cop who have to do dirty

acts of corruption to fit into the CRASH unit.

Download: Coming Soon

Episode 2: Wear some flowers in your Hair

Tenpenny and crew now has leave the city for a while and have to do business in the countryside and eventually, San Fierro.

Download: Coming Soon

Episode 3: Misappropriation

Goodbye San Andreas and hello Robada! In this Battleborn state, Hernandez now must report

Tenpenny's actions to the Internal Affairs through Bone County and the Sparkling City

of Las Venturas.

Download: Coming Soon

Episode 4: High Noon

Tenpenny must now return to Los Santos, not without I.A.D on his tail.

Download: Coming Soon

Episode 5: End of the line

"I own this city now, Hernandez. Thanks to you and our friend, Carl. Now the only pests i will have to deal is you."

Download: Coming Soon

Edited by AstroNutHead
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Juice the Joos

Sounds really good, even if it's supposed to involve characters from the original games (and that never works out THAT well).

Good luck.

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Renegade Rooster

Sounds really good, even if it's supposed to involve characters from the original games (and that never works out THAT well).

Good luck.

Thanks and don't worry i'll try my best to make it true to the original campaign (even if it does alter some events)

Edited by AstroNutHead
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