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Tips for getting used to GTA 5?


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I beat GTA 4 flawlessly (No deaths) and overall the game was kind of easy. Then I got GTA 5 this friday and...man. It's so much different than San Andreas and GTA 4! Two bullets can put you into the ground if you aren't using cover. In GTA 4 I would just rush them because a bullet takes like 10% off your health if you have armor. So anyways I fail every mission pretty much but I usually always get it on my second try. I fail the most because of vague descriptions on what to do or I run out of time. Any tips? I am getting frustrated and apparently GTA 5 isn't even supposed to be hard but I am struggling so much on the story! I am on PC. Thanks.

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I'm kind of the opposite. GTA IV was very hard for me. I felt like it was way too easy to die and sometimes it was hard to get in and out of cover and I'd die because of it. Also, aiming was a bit floaty in GTA IV and it made gun fights kind of a chore and less fun. So for me, I mostly just drove around and messed with NPCs in GTA IV.


I find GTA V to be really easy, but I miss how dynamic everything was in IV that V is just lacking. In IV, if I shot someone in the foot, they'd wobble around for a bit and then fall and grab their foot. If I shoot someone in the foot in V, they just fall to the ground and die almost instantly. Bump into someones car and they die. Sneeze on someone and they die.

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Smash your head against the wall until you don`t even remember your own name and then you`ll get used to V pretty quick!

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And if you have a 4 star or higher it's almost impossible escaping the police. They somehow upgraded from normal police to crazy head-shooters.

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Smash your head against the wall until you don`t even remember your own name and then you`ll get used to V pretty quick!

Thanks for the tip Charles.


Use the cover system. It is way better than IV's. Play V like it was Max Payne 3. Every shot you take deal a great amount of damage, but you got regenerative health. Cover and everything should be fine.

Edited by daliakiller
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use the cover system, always! the AI can one shot you. never stay in any line of sight for too long

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I'd reccommed you to watch this playlist:

Sorry for my english.

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Yes, try to get used to the cover system, otherwhise you'll get killed quickly.

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I have a real suggestion for how to get used to V, live in the USSR in the 60`s or North Korea for 10 years, and it`ll help you get used to not having freedom to do things your way like in V.

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I think the aiming in V is the easiest of all GTA games, but I think at the same, the damage you get from being hit by a gun is ridiculously high af, therefore the times of rushing have ended here.


However, you can increase you chances of surviving by leveling up your Strength to get extra defensive bonus against any damage.


If you are playing Online, also keep in mind that your max health is being increased by 20 %, so that you should be more tanky at Level 100.


Otherwise: Always stay in cover and try to quick aim out of your cover and take a shot at the enemy's head, get back in cover and wait again for some foe to reveal his head. This, of course, works best when playing in 3rd person and on PC, due to the auto-aim with controllers.

Edited by Two-Tu
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My tip to any new player would be to go free roam as soon as you can before doing any missions. In free roam learn how combat works and vehicle handling is. Also skills,money,and weapons can be obtained in free roam. Jack a cab and earn money and learn the map. Jack a helicopter from the Noose building and up your flying skills and uncover the map. Up your shooting skills at ammunation.


When i purchased gta 5 back on the week of release,ps3, i also purchased the game guide which has very helpfull maps of stuff like weapons and armor locations.

Edited by jazzbone
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III era gta's make these ones seem like they're set on super easy. Get used to making up your own fun in SP via having an imagination and role-playing. and if your online get used to people being dix. :rampage:

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Play. You won't be perfect right off the bat. It does seem that bad guys in V have a longer range than in IV. I think the best thing to do is to stay as far from the action as possible while still being able to shoot and connect, and utilize cover.


I would even recommend creating an online character, playing "solo" and getting a feel for how things work. Some jobs I play on "Easy" and still have to tackle them a few times to get through them. Do this for a bit and the stuff you do in SP will seem much less tough.


edit: granted, I'm on console. I personally find "run and gun" games much harder on pc, especially without a driving wheel.

Edited by Ixnay
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Do what everybody except lastmanonearth said. Also go to the shooting range at amunnation to boost your shooting skill leve

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I dont know, IV was harder than V, i re-played it shortly before V came out, both are pretty easy.


If you engage groups of enemies, spray over them all, one shot will enable ragdoll-stumblind and sometimes they fall over, and then finish them off while they cant fight back.

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Step 1- Accept how overrated it is


Step 2- Get mad


Step 3- Shoot insults at me on an online forum because you believe otherwise

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