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[PS4] Need a Host and crew for Pacific Heist


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Hey guys this is the only heist finale I need to do. If you are having trouble with randoms or whatever, I would like to join this specific heist. I just want to complete it to unlock the new stuff, so 15 % take is fine with me. I am best at crowd control so if we could could fight to the bikes, ditch them for something better, go up the highway (great ocean) then get to the canyon trail and jump in the boat without parashooting, that would be great.


Leave your PSN if interested and we can set something up. Remember we need one person who can host the score and two more crew. If you are one of them then yay. I nearly did this with randoms, but some idiot took 5 minutes to parashoot and we failed. If anyone has a minigun or rockets that would make things so easy too.

Edited by Pifko
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Hi Pifko im interested and Ill do the Heist with you and ill be in the crew also can I be the person not setting up the heist but be the 3rd person in the heist. Also whats your psn ill add you?

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Hi Yus. I just completed this as I am unwell today and just thought I might have a go. I found a really good random team with mics (yes it is possible) and I was really lucky to do so. I am sorry I did not see your post, but if you guys want to use this as a meet up still you can do so. You really need someone with a RPG or minigun if possible as it makes it much easier. If you also ditch the bikes and get in a few cars, that protects you better and still splits up the cops. You can also just head straight for the boat icon without going to the marker. Hope that helps.

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