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Florida Highway Patrol Now Recruiting!


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Hello All,


I am here to finally introduce the New & Improved Grand Theft Auto IV Clan, Florida Highway Patrol. Here at Florida Highway Patrol, we value Professionalism, Loyalty, Honesty, and Integrity. On behalf of the FHP Administration, we would also like to announce that we provide a Family-Friendly Environment. Our goal & objective is to protect the citizens of Florida, and provide a safe place for all. We base our community on realism & professionalism, we strive to provide the most realistic & professional gaming experiences that you can receive while playing Grand Theft Auto IV. In the Florida Highway Patrol Clan, we offer many divisions. Starting off, we have the Florida Highway Patrol, FHP patrols the streets & Highways of Florida (Liberty City), taking all calls, this keeps the Florida Highway Patrol busy at all times. Next, we offer Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FDLE investigates crimes and sometimes patrols the streets looking for any Narcotic Dealers or suspicious activity that roams the streets of Florida. Up Next, we have the Florida Communications Center, FCC allows In-Game units to communicate with Operators and dispatch out units that are needed. FCC is the behind the scene department that keeps the officers safe. Lastly, We offer the Orlando Fire Department, in this department we have Fire Fighters / Paramedics that respond to all types of calls ranging from Medical Calls - Structure Fires. This department if literally the life line of all citizens in Florida.


If you are interested in joining the Florida Highway Patrol Clan, you can visit our Enjin website here : http://floridahp.enjin.com/home



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