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Patch request for the one and only GRAVEN!


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Hello I recently commented on another request because I am new to the forum and did not know how to start a topic or anything like that so im very sorry. but anyway ive been trying to make a patch for atleast 4 days now on the rockstar editor and its far to hard ive put pointless hours into trying to make a patch and it looks like garbage. and my pc wont download photoshop for some reason and even if it did I probably wouldn't be able to use the bloody thing haha, so please spare me endless hours and sleepless nights and make me a patch pleaseeee:(((


Top rocker: 3 SINS

Bottom rocker: PALETO BAY

Main middle patch: http://mickyduff.deviantart.com/art/Hear-No-Evil-See-No-Evil-Speak-No-Evil-302550405

black and grey and make it look realistic. with mc and 1%er at each side and original patch below the 1%er or mc

and if you could make a prospect patch

and another patch with first 3 and I rode mine to liberty patches!? that would be awesome


if you can do this for me thankyou so much I am in your debt. and my new MC owes you one;) p.s thanks again haha

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so basically im asking for three patches if you didn't know what I mean haha thanks

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Your going to kill me haha the 1st patch and prospect patch is dope but the 2nd patch is wrong the first 3 should be under "original" and the I rode to liberty should be under the 1%er

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This is why I f*cking love cristino in real life he gets sh*t done! Thankyou so much!!!!

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Ps if you could change the colour green I would love you haha

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Which color to be specific?

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Just change the red stitching into green stitching that would be perfect like everything thats red change it into green please

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f*cking dope bro your the best can you add that to the prospect patch and the normal patch ?

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Yes he does! There all good people here too man I asked for this like 4 days ago and I got it! Hows that for customer service

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