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A good sniping strategy: use electric cars as cover

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because someone once said to never use a car as cover I dissected how you can in the most effective ways.


first off the most obvious:


make sure the right side of the car is facing your enemies because the gas tank will explode if they shoot the left side of the car or the front grill enough.


then just don't use it for too long, keep your distance and it makes a great strategy...



but if you want to do this in an even better way:


buy the voltic coil


your first reaction may be that that car doesn't leave you a big area to take cover behind,

but there's one great thing about it that over-rules every argument against it...


it doesn't blow up since it's electric

it will just stop working after the left side or the front is shot up enough.


plus it doesn't make a lot of noise so it's stealthy


the downside, the car seems to flip over very easily even after just hitting a curb or something. too light, but still worth having for what I mentioned above.


it's a cheap car anyways so it's definitely worth having if you're a sniper.

Edited by stateofpsychosis
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Nice, I'll be sure to try it sometime.

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The reason you don't take cover is because a good player knows where your head will be when you pop up to take a shot. Not because the car will explode.

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yea that's why you only use it as cover at first, then run behind something else so they're still looking for you behind the car for a second ;)


also, they're not going to know what part of the car you're hiding behind. you can move around behind it a bit to screw with them. not just pop up in the same spot every time like an idiot :p


I personally never use anything as cover for too long if I can help it.


that would be a bad sniping strategy no matter what you're hiding behind.


plus, I'd only do this at such a distance that most players wouldn't even be ready for you

especially when you have team mates in front of you running in


that's the thing what strategy works is all about what situation you're in.


there' no one size fits all with any of this stuff

Edited by stateofpsychosis
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