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[V|REL] Better Cruise Control V1.3 -with controller/gamepad support


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Hello guys, this is my first real GTA V mod, which I first released on GTA5-Mods.com :)
UPDATE to Version 1.4d:

Bug fixes. This should do the deal.

UPDATE to Version 1.4c:

Bug fixes again....

UPDATE to Version 1.4b:

Bug fixes again.

UPDATE to Version 1.4:

Bug fixes.......
Colored and better event update implemented
Simple cruise control without strange handling or flying cars, unlike other existing cruise control mods!!!
You can configure the target speed in-game.
The car accelerates or deaccelerates, till the target speed is reached and will hold it, unless one of the disengaging conditions is true. These include:
*Brake usage
*Handbrake usage
*Manual operation of the gas
All of these conditions can be toggled in the INI-file in the section "CONFIG"! For example if you don't want that the cruise control disengages if you collide, change the value from 1 to 0.
If you want to display the target speed in km/h, set the value "usekmh" in the "CONFIG" section to 1. If you want to use mph as unit, set the value to 0.
There are also 3 switchable mods:
1: Cruise control disabled
2: Cruise control enabled, game will inform you about events, e.g. that cruise control has been disabled because of a collision
3: Cruise control enabled, but no information about events
The user can switch between these modes by using a hotkey, which is changeable in the INI-file!
The usage with a speedometer is highly recommended!
Change mode mentioned above: "L"
Engage/Disengage cruise control: "NUMPAD DELETE" (Comma key or Decimal point key)
Increase target speed by 1: "NUMPAD 8"
Decrease target speed by 1: "NUMPAD 5"
All controls are changeable in the INI-file!
The values in the INI file in the section "KEY_CODES"
can be changed to fit your needs. They represent the virtual keycodes. A table can be found HERE
Change mode mentioned above: D-Pad Up
Engage/Disengage cruise control: D-Pad Down
Increase target speed by 1: Left stick up
Decrease target speed by 1: Left stick down
I can create a version for you with custom hotkey mapping :)
Put the asi and the ini file from the zip file into your main game directory. "Alexander Blade's" ScriptHookV is needed as always.
✔Code clean up
✔Disengaging when the player accelerates and continues to drive manually
✔INI support for customizable control keys
✔Changeable target speed unit (add mph, version 1.0 and 1.1 only had km/h)
✔Gamepad support
o Anything you guys suggest...
Please give feedback! :lol:
Edited by Kryo4lex
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  • 8 months later...

Hi, the cruise control is really cool, but can you make it that cruise control takes the actual speed? the problem is, that when you activate it when you stand still, the car speeds up to the given speed.

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