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[WIP|V] Trifecta's Heist Mod


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this mod is complety broken for me

for fleece banks I go in and get 2 stars and when I am at the safe it says "Press e to rob bank" and when I press e the words "robbing safe" will get stuck on my screen. For the vinewood bank I go in get 2 or 3 stars and from this point nothing works. It looks like part 1 is only working.


What goes wrong exactly?



Which version of ScripthookV and LUA plugin are you using? Do you have the sdk LUA plugin?




Hi. I think its the lua plugin. can you give me a link to the lastest lua sdk plugin. (No virus please)




Thats the thread for lua plugin. read the requirements section of that thread carefully. Make sure you have the softwares required to run the plugin. get the LUA sdk version. Put lua_sdk.asi in the GTAV folder NOT lua.asi


If still malfunctions please describe in detail what goes wrong along with a copy of the console bug report.

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This mod is just amazing, been waiting for something like this and tbh it was what i had hoped rockstars heists would be like, single player free roam heists...


Suggestion for anyone using this, it goes great with the army @ 5 stars mod, i changed some of the wanted levels after heist and its awesome. Rob bank and be chased by tanks, lazers and helis ha!!!

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i have a problem, when i'm in the vault and press 'e' to rob the bank, the player cant move.

Somebody can help me??

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i have a problem, when i'm in the vault and press 'e' to rob the bank, the player cant move.

Somebody can help me??

That's just part of the way the mod works. You have to wait a bit for it to finish, during which time you can't leave the spot (since technically you're inside the vault collecting the money).

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Guys, weird glitch for me. Smaller banks work perfectly, well, maybe robbing the safe is a bit too long, but Pacific Bank doesn't work A.K.A it says to blow the safe door off. i do that. It then says grab the money, but where the heck is the money?! I tried everything possible, updated Script Hook, LUA and stuff but there's just no money. i can't loot the boxes either... It does give the 4 stars tho... :/

I did try loading it with no other lua mods installed, still the same. It gives me this error in the console about PacificNoose and set_ped_drop_index but from what I can understand it is only about the SWAT team and not the cash not being able to spawn, right?

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This Heist Pack Will Include Ten Heists

Sorted By Risk/Pay

6 Fleeca Bank Branches (Low Risk - Low Pay)

Vangelico Jewelry Store (Medium Risk - Medium Pay)

Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank (Medium Risk - Medium Pay)

Blaine County Savings Bank (High Risk - High Pay)

Union Depository (Very High Risk - Very High Pay) <If interior gets unlocked>

Follow me on gta5-mods.com to stay updated.

Each will have unique mission flow with semi-scripted events

to still keep the feeling that the player is still in a sandbox world


Fleeca Bank Branches

Looking to make some easy cash?

The Fleeca Banks (6 Branches in San Andreas) offer a low-risk, low-pay bank job.

They don't pay much but they are a good way to fund your other, more dangerous heists!

The plan is pretty simple.

Get in the bank, take care of security, get the cash and get out.

It's a simple smash and grab.

Sometimes police may be aggressive if you're unlucky.

Bag that cash!

Vangelico Jewelry Store


Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank

Official Trailer

The bank holding all the cash and gems to support the thriving population of Vinewood.

Due to recent threats, security has been increased.

Due to the bank's location, SWAT response time would be fast.

So don't waste time screwing around.

Here is how it should go

1) Get inside, deal with the guards

2) Get downstairs to the vault


3) Plant the Sticky Bombs at the Vault's door weak spots



4) Blow open the vault

5) Grab the unmarked money


6) Optional: Get the 3 deposit boxes numbed 042, 156 and 202

7) Get out of the bank and escape

8) GPS Coordinates will be sent to guide you to your drop off point

Blaine County Savings Bank


Union Depository



Neavitt - Testing pre-release versions and creating an awesome trailer and providing me with ideas and awesome cinematic screenshots!


Hello, i am making a little modpack can i use your mod on this modpack? i will give credits

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