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anyone found any underwater caves or tunnels?


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I'd like to have more fun with the submarine..


anyone found any underwater caves or tunnels?

it's also fine to mention any other cool things you've found under water. I've already heard of the airplane wrecks and all of that.



I don't mean coves when I say underwater caves though. I mean caves or tunnels that can only be accessed from under water not by a boat.


anyways, thanks in advance for any responses :)

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Cutter De Blanc

I found one west of Ft. Zancudo, right near where the land cuts off. There's like a big underwater mountain, and on the west side is a little and very odd looking cave.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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I found this cave looking for weapons in the water, and it also as a spaceship part


from ign.com


Spaceship Part 28 can be found east of the wind farm. The part is located in a water filled cave, under the water and near the back.



this youtube video shows how to get to it



Edited by Craigsters

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                                                                                                                                                                           On the Waterfront 1954 M.Brando

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thanks for your responses


nah cragsters that's a cove not an underwater cave. I already found that one ;)


@cutter I'll take a look for that one soon. I think I already know what you're talking about though with the odd cave. I believe that's also a cove.


I'm looking for ones that are completely underwater. like can't even access them without diving gear or a submarine. not half in the water coves. those are already easy to find just going around the game world with a boat.

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Cutter De Blanc

There's one on the NE side, near the submarine parts. I took Jimmy along, and not only did he find it, he got stuck in it and couldn't get out. So if you have trouble finding it bring an NPC.

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