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[V|WIP] Sweet Phil's Gun Teleportation

Sweet Phil

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Sweet Phil


Gamepad is now supported thanks to my Controller Companion! Look HERE for more information

This mod will allow you to teleport to any entity you aim at (ped or vehicle).


  • Easy to use menu
  • Display Coordinates
  • Teleport to any entity you aim at
  • Key config (in-game + .ini file)

New features since v1.1 !

  • Special abilities! (current ones are 'freeze' and 'explode')
  • Swap yourself between peds
  • Teleport yourself into any vehicle (*)

(*) This is extremely fun during police chases. Imagine teleporting into a cop heli! It's also extremely fun to teleport into any plane you see. Teleporting into trains also works.

Patch v1.1_01 bugfixes

  • Fixed bug where when spawning into a train, the train controls would not work.

New features since v1.2 !

  • Teleport with vehicle option
  • Instant Swap option
  • Ignore Vehicle Seats option


ScriptHookV is required. Grab it from HERE
ScriptHookVDotNet is required. Grab it from HERE
.NET Framework 4.5 is required.

1) If you haven't already, create a folder named "scripts" in your GTAV directory.
2) Download the mod HERE

3) Place the dll + .ini files in that folder.
4) Run GTA. Look below on how to use this mod.

How to use

Press B to toggle the menu.

Press numpad 5 to select.
Press numpad 8 to go up the menu.
Press numpad 2 to go down the menu.

How to teleport
1) Enable gun teleportation in the menu.
2) Aim at an entity (vehicle or ped) with a gun (any gun works).
3) Press T to teleport to the entity you are aiming at.

How to use special abilities
1) Choose a special ability in the menu.
2) Aim at a target and press H.

How to 'Swap'
1) Aim at a ped.
2) Press Y.

How to teleport into a vehicle (empty or driving)
1) Aim at the vehicle
2) Press Y

You can configure these buttons in-game or in the sweetphilsgunteleportation.ini file.
For more information on key codes look HERE

Enjoy the mod!

I'm open for suggestions on how to improve this simple mod! If you have any suggestions, please tell me in the comments and I'll be happy to improve this mod.

Edited by Sweet Phil
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