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[V|REL] Provocateur Mod 2.0


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by Kokolaty



Re-compile, Re-upload, the previous upload seems got conflict with native trainer. Really I don't know why, it seems works for me. For those who own Visual Studio, please check and recompile the script if you have trouble running this script.


Source script for my mods always included in the archive.


Sorry for the troubles.



This mod is heavily inspired by the awesomeness of Ped Riot/Chaos Mode by Trumple.

The difference is this mod never summons peds, but only uses available human peds around player. Walking peds will be provoked, driving peds will stop their vehicles and join the chaos. Even medical team will trying to kill other peds near their ambulance. Try to provoke a busy street for the best result.



With Scripthook V installed, put Provocateur.asi and provocateur.ini in GTA V folder.


Minus key (-) on the numpad will toggle provocation on and off. Change the key by editing provocateur.ini.

Edited by TJGM
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The mod is cool, it doesn't spawn peds arround you, it just uses the ones near you, it gives you a feeling of rioting in GTA :))

Made a commentary and a preview on the mod for who want's to chek it out before having it.



Edited by level232323
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Where would I download this mod?



Download link please.

You can find it in the description of the video i posted. Don't know if it would be ok to post it here directly.

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This mod reminds me of the movie "The Purge".


Needs option to increase range for peds effected by the mod so basically everyone everywhere that spawns is like this.

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You know there's a thread for this mod already on this exact sub forum?

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He didn't even create this mod and he didn't even manage to follow the download link rules, locked.

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