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What's the difference between Dubtas?


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I was looking at older threads and found pictures of "dubsta2" I currently own the 6x6 and the regular version, I wonder what the difference between these two is? I want to see about wether or not it's possible to get w/out glitching, too.

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One has 6 wheels and 1 is a 4 wheel SUV.

I don't think there is much difference.

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The dubsta2 is, as far as I know, a heavy modified dubsta found in San Andreas that has visual upgrades that are not available in a mod shop.

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It is just a body variant. Has a brushguard etc that cannot be obtained otherwise.

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Halal Cyborg

Spare wheel further to left and blacked out badges...also light smoke front window

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Dubsta 2 has:

-blacked out parts (headlights, trim, rims),

-tailgate wheel which doesn't add traction (unlike the regular version) and is positioned slightly to the left,

-no secondary respray color.

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I reckon the easiest way to spot it is the fact that it has a plain grill with no Benefactor emblem.


I used to have a gold one on my 2nd character to spawn more gold and chrome ones to sell... but I guess I got really desperate for cash at some point, and sold the one I had. I haven't seen another one spawn since then. Oh well. :p

Edited by Econobrick
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Can u still get it?


You could try this:







Edit: This does no longer work. Didn't pay attention to the annotations.

Edited by xXOsamaBinLamaXx
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the differences have been posted already...


you can get one if youre on newgen or pc, if youre on ps3/360 you can only get one if you get someone to dupe it for you.



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Dubsta 2 has worse performance by not getting added traction from the spare wheel.


Also my chrome dubsta 2 is my go to ignition bomb car. Just park it in a space in lsc like its old spawn and people try to get in it to sell :D

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Theirs the 6x6, the regular1 that spawns regularly, n the gold/chrome 1s that modified n hard to find. There is a mission that spawns them but dont know what mission it is. N u have to have urself

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