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[V|WIP] Fishing Mod


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Note: This mod is currently work in progress.

This mod allows the player to fish at Del Perro Pier,or on any boat! You can sell the fish you've caught as well. Currently there are 23 types of fish and 48items for you to catch! (yep, dildo is one of them)

1. ScriptHookV
2. ScriptHookV DotNet v2.1, v2.2, v2.3
1. Put "Fishing.dll" and "Fishing.ini" in "scripts" folder. Create "scripts" folder if it does not exist.
2. Open "Fishing.ini" and change the keybind for fishing if F5 is already bound to other scripts.
1. Buy a fishing rod at any convenience store
2. Go to the fishing location (shown in the screenshot) OR get in a boat!
3. Press the fishing key to fish (default F5 for keyboard, LS for controller, editable)
4. Sell the fish you've caught at the location shown in the screenshot (by pressing the same fishing button)
v0.2: Better entity spawn with physics. Added more fish and fun items.
v0.2.1: Added actual fish models.
v0.2.2: Fixed prop being stuck (sort of). Added more fish and items.
v0.2.3: Added boat fishing. Added controller support. Added more fish and items.
v0.2.4: Fixed issues with Shift key. Fixed certain items being static. Added more fish and items.
v0.2.5: Implemented backpack size limit. Added more configurable parameters. Implemented item rarities. Added 2 items with special effects.
v0.2.6: Updated for Script Hook V .NET v1.0
v0.2.7: Fixed selling issue with FishAnywhere turned on. Added 3 items. Mod is now being distributed as a .dll file (for the upcoming minigame update)
v0.2.8: Updated for Script Hook V .NET v2.1

v0.3.0: Added ability to buy fishing rods. Added 3 items.


GitHub repo



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Haha, nice. Love all the fun stuff you can catch. I got 3 dead hookers in a row xD

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Lol, you gotta start fishing and all you got are three ho's and a dildo.

Love GTA and GTA-coder humor.

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Thinking about it, a proper fishing minigame would be nice. I mean, there's yoga and hunting...

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Hey... How about Catching a dildo?


:lol: v0.2 included a couple new items, but no spoilers

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  • 1 month later...

This mod doesn't work for me,

i've scripthookV and scripthook V dot.net v.1.0 installed


I've lot of mods installed, do you know if this mod go conflict with some of this?


Ambulance mssions

Trucking missions

Fuel Mod

Working restourants

Metric speedometer

Openall interiors

north yankton


Real police offenses

Red House

Railroad engineer


All of the above mods work fine, the fishing mod it's the only one who don't work =/

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Good thing this isn't a phishing mod.


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  • 11 months later...

@LibertyLocked: Still loving all the updates you did to this fun mod. If you're still planning on updating this in the future, could you consider letting the PC be able to sell some of the non fish junk to appropriate stores locations on the map? The ini script cleans up the junk the PC can't store in their inventory when you sell the fish at the restaurant. But could you add extra sale locations to allow the PC to stand before other store buildings to sell junk like:

  • books before a book store.
  • cat/dogs/pigeons at location before the Animal Ark store
  • wildlife (live or dead corpses) like coyote, jaguars etc. at a random NPC at a trailer in Sandy Shores (think Cletus here who pays you for bagging deer etc)
  • farm animals like cows, pigs etc. at a farm
  • Weed to that weed farm house that Trevor can raid
  • food, other food junk to a farm (for composting/fertilizer purposes)
  • cars/vehicles to Simeon's, Benny's, or LSC (or area outside LSC). And any high end vehicles to Grotti's dealership for serious $$$
  • boats to the MW dock area
  • if golf cart spawned, repo it to golf course for $$$
  • if sub is spawned, sell it to Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove
  • if possible to spawn drug packets, sell at O'Neil ranch or weed ranch Trevor can raid
  • All WMD/Warstock vehicles to MW docks
  • planes to any of the airport hangers at Sandy Shores, LSIA, etc.
  • wood & paper junk (and possibly dead NPC bodies) to the Paleto Forest sawmill. Dead NPCs would pay considerably less v. hospital
  • NPC corpses have a couple of options. Dead NPC corpses could be sold to:
    • Cannibal cult at Mt. Chilliad for $$$. The more rich the dead NPC, the more cash. So a hooker would be worth $100 v. a well dressed NPC worth $500- $1k etc.
    • to an NPC at a cemetary. Give in to your conscience and give the dead a decent burial.
    • to NPCs at hospitals to harvest their organs for top $$$ cash. There was a GTA IV organ donor mod that allowed you to harvest NPC corpses for money at hospitals around LC. But you had to pass that mission where Niko sells Manny's dead body to an illegal organ doctor first. That mission unlocked the ability to sell dead NPC bodies at hospitals around the map.
    • Paleto Forest sawmill

This would give the player other fun options to make profit $$$ off some of the junk the PC ends up catching. And reduce any system lag because of the clutter items in the game world.

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