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The IV vs. V Thread!


Recommended Posts

Welcome To The:



GTAIV-C_2560x1600.pngVS. gtav.png






In this thread people fight for there opinions and favorite RockstarGames product. Once you join, release all your hate or love on any of the two titles, fight for what you believe in! Of curse this thread will burst in flames, is made for that, is also made to stop other threads from been ruined by this bullsh*t :)



Now for the beginning of age times, LETS START THIS!!





1) Rules? What? Isn't this topic for hate and sh*t?

2) This thread doesn't need rules Rard.

3) Well we can have a rule about.......

4) NO!! No rules, this is a dirty fight between this two groups of fanboys!!

5) Ok, no rules.






Lots of people will fight here, if you don't want to be hated or insulted, please do not post anything.


Also, please note, nobody is responsible for butthurts.






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Spaghetti Cat

Also, consoles are wayyyyyy better than PC's

No Image Available

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I hate it when IV Fans go into V topic and start bitching, and vice versa.

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Why do we need this thread? Every single topic in the V and IV board turns into this discussion anyway.

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Not another GTA IV vs GTA V thread...there's no need to fight each other's opinions. GTA V is the best GTA in my opinion I don't care what other people say...it's my opinion. We don't need another one of these.

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I think we're a few years away from people actually hunting people down, and killing them for their opinion, rather than sending them messages saying they're going to hunt them down and kill them. So this thread can only last a few years before it becomes dangerous.


Both are really good. Both with pros and cons, the pros for me make me forgot the cons. An opinion which in the future may get me killed.

Edited by CarlitoDorito
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Sorry, but these threads never end well.


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