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Simcity 4 Players around?


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Besides the GTA franchise and Sims 2,i also love to play Simcity 4.

Building cities,watching the (often stupid) traffic and everything else.

My current project is a SC4 recreation of Manhattan...


Here is a small part of my Mayor`s Diary:





Hell`s Kitchen/Lincoln Square


Yess,finally i stopped procratinating and started building on these two neighborhoods.

Hells Kitchen:
Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City located between 34th Street in the south, 59th Street in the north, Eighth Avenue in the east, and the Hudson River to the west.[1] The area provides transport, medical, and warehouse infrastructure support to the Midtown Manhattan business district.
This neighborhood isn`t completely immune against gentrification but still has a large portion of low rise commercial and factory buildings and also tons of car dealers,repair shops,car parts and smaller shops.
The waterfront area was once home of many industrial piers and cruise ship terminals.Today many piers are converted into parking lots and parks (i always wondered,if no one in Manhattan is using a car like they say,why do they need so many parking facilities and car dealers?).


First,let`s have a look at the waterfront.A very famous place is the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.It is placed on an old aircraft carrier.
But if you`re not a big fan of aircrafts,how about taking a walk along the numerous parks and piers?




Not even Hells Kitchen is save from huge developments.Between W43rd Street and W41st Street some huge towers are in development

The modern cruise ship terminal awaits for tourists...

48 The De Witt Clinton Park is a calm and green oasis in todays times

Lincoln Square:Lincoln Square is the name of both a square and the surrounding neighborhood within the Upper West Side of the New York City borough of Manhattan. Lincoln Square is centered on the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Avenue, between West 65th and West 66th streets. The neighborhood is bounded by Columbus Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue to the east and west, and West 66th and 63rd Street to the north and south.It is bounded by Hell's Kitchen, Riverside South, Central Park, and the Upper West Side proper.

49 Where Hells Kitchen ends,starts Lincoln Square

50 Riverside South is a large apartment complex at the waterfront.The towers overlook the Hudson River and has a nice green recreation area.

51 The well known Lincoln Center is surrounded by modern day development,mostly large office towers or condos.

52 The Lincoln Center meets the Broadway which draws an angled line across a few blocks.That small patch of green is the Dante Park

53 This residential area between W 66th Street to W 70th Street and West End Avenue / Amsterdam Avenue is surrounded by modern buildings,too

54 The Hudson River Greenway incorporates many old piers as parks,like this one

55 There is always room for more new buildings,like here between W 57th Street to W 61st Street


56 Things are growing fast along the Broadway

Like most cities,Manhattan is even mre beautiful at night...









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I f*cking love simcity 4, the music in that game is amazing :p


First time i played it iw as at my friends house, it was around 2004, he always had all the cool PC games, but we were only 9 years old then, so we would f*cking around with all the natural disasters and never really built anything. I bought the game for my self once after my aunt paid me 40$ to mow her lawn, and tried building a city, but i just couldnt manage it so i set it down for almost 10 years.


I bought a new copy last.....september i believe and started building up a region, now im 20 i can fully understand the intricacies of the game and think through the game. I also understand the value of mods that improve the game, especially the money tree :p


I havent playd since december though as the PC with it on there is at my moms, halfway across the country - im on the east coast for school, but as soon as i get home, thats one of the first things im gonna do is play that :)



By the way, your screenshots are beautiful, my city planning is absolute sh*t lol my cities never look that good....teahc me senpai xD

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do u even fly bro?

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Used to play this a lot a few years ago, had a bunch of mods for it as well. +1 for a fitting soundtrack


I liked how it felt very intuitive (to me) and relatively simple while still allowing players to micromanage to a higher degree than the last SC entries.

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Yep it was my first PC game purchase in 2003 and I used mods with it too!..



I noticed some SOMY and simpeg mods in your Pictures, some of my favourites, that BSC sc4devotion site is full of a bunch of elitist and damn the dependency files you need just for there mods, they banned me at sc4devotion several times, ban hammer nuts!..


I re-purchased SimCity 4 deluxe edition from Steam at xmas time last year and had sold my disc copy's when I tried to quit PC gaming and computers a year or so ago, but regretted it and missed it!..

Edited by Craigsters

"You don't understand! I could've had class. I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am."


                                                                                                                                                                           On the Waterfront 1954 M.Brando

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Do I see some Network Addon Mod (NAM) stuff there?

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Anyone tried the new 3D camera mod?

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