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[V|WIP] Baja Bug realistic driving physics (BFInject)


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making offroad driving more realistic in order to give GTA V's huge offroad areas a purpose. WIP.



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Nice. Good to see that you're back puttin' hands on the handlinglines.


Never had a better handling-mod than your 'Realistic Driving and Flying ...', that were made for IV and EFLC.


The Lambo Gallardo from Giorgio91 with your Handlinglines was the best handling car I ever drove in a computergame.


So keep on, cant wait to get your Handlinglines for the Vacca or the Zentorno ingame.


BTW: As you might already know, speedometer skins for V need more than 290 km/h max display, cause when you activate Franklns special ability some cars speed up to over 420 km/h

Edited by doppelblind
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i worked for 115 hours on this and at the moment i have 52 vehicle physics finished. GTA V Physics suck, but they allow me to make the handling characteristics slightly more detailed than in IV. Making proper handling takes about 1.7 hours for each car without developer tools. it is a pain.


Adder, Bullet, Cheetah, Entity XF, Infernus, TurismoR, Vacca, Voltic, Zentorno

Alpha, Banshee, Buffalo, Buffalo2, Carboniz, Comet2, Coquette, Elegy2, Feltzer, Furore GT, Fusilade
Jester, NineF, Rapid GT

Granger, Granger Lifeguard

BFInject, Bifta, Blazer, Blazer Lifeguard, Blazer custom, Bodhi2, Duneloader, Dubsta3, Dune Buggy, Alien Buggy,
Kalahari, Mesa, Mesa Merryweather, Monster Truck, Rancher XL, Rebel1, Rebel2, Sandking SWB, Sandking XL

FBI Granger, Park Ranger, Police1, Police2, Police3, Police Transport, Sheriff cruiser, Sheriff SUV

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Back in III or Vice City modifying the handling files was way more easy, but even then it resulted in unnatural behaviour. Since San Andreas my modding seemed to have just little to no effect on max speed or acceleration. Same was with IV, I tried to get that modded Lamborghini faster than the Handlinglines Giorgio91 provided with the mod, and again I failed, only thing I got working was a car with so massive acceleration that no more traction was left, even original Turismo Handlinglines were better for the Lambo than Giorgio's.

Then I discovered your Handlinglines for IV Modcars, and the same day I replaced the complete handling.dat with yours, and the same was with EFLC. Dunno what you do, but you seem to understand the Handlinglines as much as the guys at r*.


What would be really great for 'Realistic Driving and Flying in GTA-V', if you could get rid of that annoying jitter that all cars seem to have at high speeds, or the annoying wind distraction when you fly a plane or helicopter.


Btw. have you ever done handlingmods for older GTA-Versions? I would love to replay Vice City or San Andreas with your handlinglines.

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have you ever done handlingmods for older GTA-Versions? I would love to replay Vice City or San Andreas with your handlinglines.

two years ago i tried to install GTA 3 and Vice City, but it wouldnt work. So i installed GTA:SA instead, but the game didnt run either. i would love to play the old games with HD textures and reworked physics. so many memories.

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I'm still running on Win7(x64) and I checked today. Pretty much all GTA that came out for PC still work, though GTA-II needs to be run in Win98SP3-Mode, and the original GTA has some timing issues i could never get fixed. Even emulated PSM roms from LCS or VCS run smoothly.


Regarding, that most of them are just the backup-copies from older Windows Installations, except a SA 2.0 copy I installed in 2012 on my current rig, and that runs fine, too. Maybe a fresh install of an older GTA on Win7 or Win8 won't work out. Try to get a copied folder from a friend who has installed the game. This should work out, if you have the game disc in your drive.

Edited by doppelblind
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