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lets do a mini framework !

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Hello guys.


Modding is great, but i see 2 major problems that we should fix all together :


1) Key binding : every modder choose its own binding, it's faster to set a static key rather that make a dynamic one. But this become a real pain for users when they use several mods, they cannot change binding and some mods can be in conflict.


2) Tick is used by lot of mods, we use it as modder to trigger evens, check status. Problem is when several mods do the same thing in their own Tick callback.


I'd like to find solutions with you and i think that a framework ( a very simple one) should help everyone and make players happy.


Key Binding :


we should use what is already done in some games.


Modder will call the framework and give 3 informations :

a) title of the mod

b)the name of the action (e.g : "activate nitro")

c) when this action can be triggered (foot, car, boat, air, anytime)

d) (optionnal) the default key


For the player we'll make a little software (or ingame menu) where they can assign keys, if 2 mods uses the same key with the same context (e.g : Key_H in vehicle) the binding will be highlighted to show the conflict.

For the modder, it should take a couple of lines to set it as easily as possible


Tick :

We should make a list of the most common task that we do.

then let the framework do the work once, then share result to every mods.

I think about "near vehicles", and "near peds", i should also talk about some missing events (e.g: player spotted, cops / gang, / friend around)


Well here the main idea, what do you think about that?

Edited by giova

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In theory, of course this sounds nice. But to actually get everyone on board with it and to implement it seamlessly...that's another story.


Seriously, if you can't change something as simple as a keybind (so that it doesn't conflict), you shouldn't be creating mods. As for the "tick" situation, I don't even think GTA itself works like this. I could be wrong.

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