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WTF Moments!


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Well we had a thread like this in the GTA SA sub forum, times come we make one for GTA V.


So uhm i called Jimmy as Franklin and went to get some drinks, we got out drunk as hell. So i'm making

a turn and out of nowhere a cop comes infront of my Cavalcade, not a cop car, but a cop walking down the road,

didn't get time to react and well the whole of LSPD is on my ass. It was night and i was not expecting a cop to be there,

you never see em and he just showing up out of nowhere was my wtf moment which got me the idea to start this thread.

So, let's get this party started..

Couldn't find a topic like this by using search


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Here's one I had:




At 0:57.

Edited by DaWiesel
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I was playing as M, chasing some robbers on the Ocean Highway, listening to

, when suddenly I drove past a dead shark laying right smack in the middle of the road!

I stopped and drove back, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and sure enough, there was a shark laying in the middle of the road between Banham and Chumash.

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Early in the story I was F and cruised around Vespucci and saw T before they met (he's met mike tho) and t pulled a grenade launcher and i as F sent him to hell via a sawn off shotty.

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