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III & VC Save File Glitch Detection and Repair

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Hello again, people! After trying to use timer fixer on my GTA 3 save (just for some testing) i've discovered that crusher in the Harwood Junkyard won't pickup any car. I've used my save before applying the fix and everything is working just fine. Does anyone know why this glitch is appearing after fix?
Save before fix: http://gtasnp.com/1woo6b
Save after fix: http://gtasnp.com/3658Ny

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III saves aren't my forte, but I used the available documentation to track down a timer associated with the crusher crane and reset it to 0 - my best guess.

0x74 dword current game time + 10000 (only updates when crane has finished lifting car)

Please provide feedback on this attempted repair and SnPs timer fix in general. This is an extremely complex fix with hidden timers in odd places. The VC tool was recently upgraded to account for shop keepers and... something with the busing mini-game. Keep an eye out for anything weird. (It might take about 6 minutes for used/dropped cargens and pickups to catch up with their respawn/unspawn timers.)

Edited by OrionSR

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Ok so i have a problem. I am playing GTA VC Serbia, and that is like total diffrent version of vc(new map,cars buildings)and every time when im trying to open a save game from normal gta vc it crashes. Does exists a save file for gta vc serbia somewhere to download or i should start playing normal gta again?


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Evil empire

In GTA 3 after a certain playing time my game animations progressively freeze with the screen keeping shaking during minutes after an explosion or the vehicles' whells rolling while they don't move and stuff.


Does anyone have a solution?

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I can't tell for sure from your description but it sounds like you might have an issue with too much game time - a common issue with all GTA III era games. Try uploading your save to GTASnP.com and apply the Reset Timers fix of the Modification tools. Download the modified save, probably to a free slot since we aren't sure of the problem, and see if the game plays better for you.

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