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GTA Online Lack of vehicles


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Couldn't really think of a good title


Just asking a question: Anyone care for a lack of vehicles in online? I kinda enjoy screwing around with the forklift in single player, but there isn't one in Online. Same with the tow truck, it's fun to use. Is there a reason for this?


Just wondering.

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This is not a support question. But to answer, the small tow truck was removed since it caused player's game to crash. Other various vehicles like the forklift, big tow truck, etc werent added for known reasons. But GTA O is an alleged "no fun zone"

Edited by Winning001
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Hey buddy, maybe GTA:6 online might have what you're looking for, cuz in GTA:5 online only shooting and explosions made the cut.

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To see why towtrucks were removed from online, watch


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Looks like fun tbh instead of why it should be removed. :p

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AT Recruitment

Any one could always want more cars and i'm sure we will see more but i'm a car guy and i really cant complain about the available amount of cars, it would be cool if there was alot of different cars spawning at once instead of the same 6 in each area.

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I think most utility vehicles were removed due to bugs. Kinda weird how they allow armoured vehicle but not the fun ones.

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I'd love to see more rare cars that spawn in at random locations. Like the Bugatti. Make it where you can store them and put it on old gen.

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I miss having forklift wars in GTA 4 so much. They were the sh*t, until the loser decided to shoot the propane/whatever tank on the back of yours and it became an eventual bumper cars to the mutual death.


Still f*cking miss them though. We have bulldozers, why not forklifts?

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AT Recruitment

@ Zhaxi And let people not pay for them? I doubt they would let the most expensive car in the game go free.


@Senor There are fork lifts online. try out in the grapeseed area or by the docks is where I get lucky.

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