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Is it worth it?


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I already have the game on PS4 and had it on 360. Would you say it's worth it just for the mods and modding potential? I am a big fan of messing around with mods.

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I think it's worth it even though it's silly as f*ck to have to pay for the same video game 3 times.


IMO Just the graphics and performance are worth it if you have a nice PC. Plus you can use your PS4 controller and/or keyboard & mouse on the fly.

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Totally acting like a R* slave, to buy all 3 versions. For what reason really? Cuz you like to lick R*'s foreskin?

Buying three, 3 f*cking times the same game. Holy sh*t!

Edited by SilverRST
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If you love this game then yes of course it's worth it. This is the best version of the game.


Sharper graphics, better framerates, potentially higher resolution, and the ability to play with your steam friends are all awesome.



HOWEVER: Be warned that the following are big problems with the PC version.


-Self Radio is broken

-Online is a hacker fest. Online for PS4/XboxOne is a lot safer to play because it's less likely you'll find a cheater.

-Several Graphical Bugs including the "shadow box" and weird vertical sync bug that locks your framerate to 30fps unless you change it to off and back on again

Edited by Nick930930
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It isnt worth it if you bought it twice already.

Wait 2 months, the price will go down and there will be way more mods

Edited by Breitsmeister
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