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Finishing the game with the topdown view


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Has anybody ever done this before? ... Is it even possible?


I've been playing GTA 2 recently, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite GTA games of all time. GTA 3 is definitely up there, and considering there's a topdown view mode built into the game, I'm really starting to consider playing the game in its entirety using this view. I'm very familiar with GTA 3 itself, but I think the topdown view could present quite a difficult, but fun challenge.



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its difficult yes lol. your car will get damaged alot

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Lethal Vaccine

I don't think Top Down View would be a problem. I never played CTW in my life, nor have I played any Mobile GTA's, but when I got CTW for iOS, I quickly adapted and even enjoyed the Top Down View.


If you know III's Map, you'll do fine. For example, you can drive in the grass through certain areas instead of on the road, thus less crashing, etc, etc. You can also make a DP Vehicle if you want with the Crusher Glitch and keep that around for doing Missions, etc, etc. It would be quite cool doing it in Top Down View, actually.

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There was a similar topic some time ago. I remember one guy recorder even mission walkthoughs with top down view but I'm not sure if he didn't give up :p.

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There is no way you can finnish GTA 3 with top down view, how the hell are you gonna win all the races?

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Lethal Vaccine

The same way I, or anybody else "wins" or gets Bronze, Silver, or Gold in Chinatown Wars on 8 Street Races, and 30 Time Trials.


If I can do it in CTW (without even knowing the map very well), I think I, or the next guy can do it in GTA III. How? Simple. You just know the Map inside and out. If you do, anything is possible. I've spent so much damn time in III and LCS's Liberty City, that I can probably get around blind. I know every inch of that map. Top Down View is just a different perspective, nothing more, nothing less. It's easy with practice...

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While driving would be easy for anyone who knows the city well, I imagine firefights would be a tougher nut to crack, with the very limited amount of vision.


Unless, of course, using a sniper rifle was still allowed in a top-down view playthrough. :p

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Lethal Vaccine

In CTW, you can't carry any Sniper Rifles. You physically can't obtain one. However, they are used in some of the Missions and the Liberty City Gun Club (Shooting Range). It's in Top-Down View and those were probably the HARDEST for me on my way to 100%. I always had to take several tries...


It can be possible in III, but extremely difficult...

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I was specifically referring to GTA III though. I don't know if the sniper and RPG make you go into first person view even in top-down mode (to be fair nothing's stopping me from checking it myself...), and if they do, is using them acceptable in a "hardcore" TDM playthrough? I guess that's one of those moral questions for which there's no clear answer. :p

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Harerama Chakraborty

I played GTA III for so many years, and at on point I did try to do it in Top Down View. I don't think it's impossible, but it was freakin hard, and I gave up. It really isn't easy to do it like that.

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Ghost Bear

It is very possible, I did it myself and even thought of speedrunning it many years ago. You need to make sure to enable classic controls so you can auto aim, otherwise you're stuck with GTA1-style aiming.

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Sounds kinda tricky :D I sometimes drive in bird view and I noticed that cars almost stop spawning until you change the camera.

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