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[V] How to edit Files


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Lots of peopel ask me how i edit files in Gta5 , and i hope i can help you .


1 - First of all you need to make a folder in GTA5 with the name "mods" like this




2 - Copy your Files like i did , for exampel if you want to replace a Textur from Player (Michael,Franklin,Trevor) copy

the File x64v.rpf in the mods folder .


If you want ro replace a textur from a car copy the File x64e.rpf in it .


3 - OK now you need the tools .

The first tool OpenIV from GooD-NTS Download this tool http://gtaforums.com/topic/388289-rel-openiv-including-openformats/

and import the newest asi plugin in GTA5 http://gtaforums.com/topic/388289-rel-openiv-including-openformats/?p=1067483131



4 - After that Download the Tool Texture Toolkit from Neodymium http://gtaforums.com/topic/795186-wipv-texture-toolkit/




5 - Now Start OpenIV and open the file for exampel the x64v.rpf in the mods Folder and export a File and export the Texture like i did .




6 - Edit the Texture with Photoshop , and export it as a dds here the link for the Tool in Photoshop to export a File as a dds




7 - Start now the Tool Texture Toolkit and open the File and go to Edit and import the new Texture and save it .





8 - After that replace the New File in OpenIV and Finish :)


I hope the small tut helps

Edited by =T.A=
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Wrong section, mate. And, isn't such stuff already explained in OIV helps?

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Nice little modding tut for the beginners, hopefully you'll update and expand it a little further as more possibilites become available.



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when you edit a texture for a car, say the Sprunk Buffalo, do i need to put the dlc.rdf (patchday1ng has the prunk buffalo in it) into the mods folder also?

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I copy the whole Update folder because it was easier for me , but if You want just the dlc.rpf You Need to Make Folders in the Mods folder like this .

Update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday1ng and copy in this folder only the dlc.rpf

Edited by =T.A=
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Thank you for making this, it has helped me wrap my head around custom textures. Can you tell me the best way to ratio all of the duplicate layers I have to make? I can tell they are not even and the texture looks pretty messed up sometimes. I'm new so I'm not too worried about it, I just need to find an appropiate way for CS6 to resize the images properly, because doing it manually hasn't worked too well haha.


Thanks again!

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This doesn't help me, I follow all the steps, I create my textures - then, how the hell do I add them back INTO open IV? All you've put is replace the file in IV, but, there's no file, there's a bunch of textures that were originally the file.. What am I doing wrong?

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Christ, just watched this:


So much simpler. Once GTA is finished reinstalling (for the 5th time today), I'm gonna get to work.

Edited by DavidisGamingHD
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