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Sandbox mode for PC Modders?


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I came up with an idea the other day that hopefully can solve the issue with GTA V on PC and modding for Online. This mode would be called Sanbox mode that you can choose to enter before entering GTA Online.


Instead of being thrown into a random session a list pops up showing multiple lobbies that different people can host specified for the mod/mods that they are using.You can search up the name of the server that you want to join if your friend is hosting one or you've found an interesting one off the internet. The lobbies would be able to be named, password protected and easily hosted to play with friends. You could also be able to change a few settings in the server as host such as changing the spawn point, what weapons you can spawn in with (By default you spawn in with a pistol) or who can or cannot turn on a certain mod. If you want to join a lobby running certain mods that you don't have installed, you simply can't join it.


Rockstar could implement a file for hosting servers that they would release on their website for download. These files would run in the background as the host plays GTA but could stay running even if the Host isn't online so that others can continue playing whenever they want. The servers would save your guns, personal vehicles and such for the next time you join that specific server.


This would be a simple and easy way to solve the problem of modding and online for the PC version of the game. I'm sure many would be open to this idea because you could still quickly be able to switch to the vanilla and usual version of GTA Online quickly and without problems depending on your preference. Tons of people bought GTA 5 for the PC because of it's seemingly endless modding capabilities and one of those was the ability to use these cool and interesting mods online and with your friends but sadly, Rockstar implemented a system for online that they can't really change.


What do you guys think? I don't know how to get it out there but i would like for Rockstar to just listen to the idea and consider it because this would easily bring money in for the game and that's ultimately what they want to do right?

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Not trying to be rude, but this isn't some new thing. R* doesn't want to allow it for whatever reason wether it be actually trying to protect people from viruses or making more money or whatever else there reasons might be. There will be a private server released eventually but for now it's a waiting game, I mean we didn't have multiplayer that we liked on GTA:SA so what did people do? They made private servers that they liked.

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Rockstar has no problem with singlerplayer modding but Gta:o is their baby,i dont think they will do such thing But in the upside mods Like SAMP are already in development and one is even in beta testing,so the future is bright for multiplayer gta v but not GTA:O

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