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Unable to modify game in any way (help)


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Past three days I have started running into the trouble of "ERR_GEN_INVALID" showing up twice. First two times this happened I took it on the chin as my own fault and must have messed up the files and re-installed again. Today it has occurred again. I did everything I thought was correct to avoid the issue and still have no idea why I cant mod the game.


(disc version) I install the game then restart my system before continuing with the 5.04g update download and restart once more.


Once my system is back on, i copy the entire Grand Theft Auto V file and make a back-up copy for modifying (I wanted to have two separate files, one un-modded that I would use to play online and as a secondary back-up for any files I may need and the other for mods with no online play)


Played online for a few hours, messed around make sure the game is running smoothly.


Then begin with baby steps to mod the handling.meta file in the update.rpf with OpenIV, being extra careful to rebuild and install the asi files required by OpenIV and freshly downloaded Scripthook V (so i could spawn the vehicle i wanted to test)


Try to open GTA V but I'm greeted with an error stating ERR_GEN_INVALID for the 3rd time. Delete the modded update.rpf file, remove all plugins previously installed, use the original un-touched Grand Theft Auto V folder's update.RPF and copy that into my modified folder.


I deleted saved game files, my profile from the GTA V directory before restarting my system.


Opened my first working GTA V folder that was never modified in anyway and was working not minutes before this all started, and select PlayGTAV.exe as administrator and the same error shows up.


Im completely lost as to why I cant modify even the handling.meta nor load the original un-modified game up anymore. This is kind of a big deal since sadly enough I just want to make drifting montages. Im fine with having to re-install the game as I have a disc copy and internet to download update, but for it to happen three times over is getting really annoying.


Im looking for a fix or atleast a reason this is happening. My system has just had a complete re-install of windows8.1 only 3 weeks ago (for GTA V) and I want to know why this is happening.

I have already had plenty of success with GTA V but this is strange. proof>


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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