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Proximity Mines working more than once?

Crunch McThornbody

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Crunch McThornbody

Whenever I decide I'm going to spend a bit of time in freeroam playing kill-the-other-players I always go and put a proximity mine at the entrance to the 3 main LSCs then go about my business of player hunting.


Then after some time I'll get notifications that I killed players even though I'm miles away.


But I've noticed something odd recently, namely getting kills on three or four separate occasions even though I only put a proximity mine on two LSCs. It's almost as if the proximity mines aren't always disappearing when they kill another player


Has anyone else seen similar?

Edited by Crunch McThornbody
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Yep... They sometimes, if not every time, stay in wait for the next unsuspecting victim...


Careful though, it's a quick way to rack up BS points with all those cars going in and out.

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I do that every once in a while, place a proximity mine at the entrance to the LSC across from the mall.

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Avoid those BS points - mine the helipads.

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It has something to do with placing a Proximity Mine at the spot where you would normally stay to get the LSC garage door to open.

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Yeah happen to me. Some player threw one out just by the emergency centre (the one across from the Simon job when you need to steal the obey 9F) and it kept blowing up NPC and it got me. He sent me a message saying "sorry and the proximine has gltiched". It happen to me before but I don't remember how I did it. It's f*cked up when you miles away doing something and next minute you're a wanted man because some NPC cocksucker runs over your gltiched proximine.

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Soran Is On

Any time I do this it's usually a damn friend or crew member that ends up eating sh*t. I stopped, there's better lulz to be had.

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