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Dealing with Insurgent Pick-ups


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It's actually quite easy as long as they are not moving faster than Sonic on steroids.



Before you engage with the insurgent, go to Ammu-Nation. If the insurgent is already chasing you, then go off the radar. If Off the Radar is not unlocked, then try as hard as possible to get to a safe distance of possibly one mile away from the enemy. One mile could be measured with waypoint distance.


Once you get to Ammu-Nation, buy a Sniper Rifle, or Heavy Sniper. If it is not unlocked, use a Marksman Rifle on the DLC wall. If you buy a Sniper Rifle, be sure to use an Advanced Scope and maybe a suppressor to avoid an early wanted level.


After that, you should go to a safe, but close, distance from the insurgent. Unlike the Armored Kuruma, both Insurgents have breakable windows. This means someone could shoot them through their own windows. The pick-up gunner is also vulnerable to sniper fire, which could be one of your targets. Sniping the Driver will stop all mobility of the insurgent, (unless a passenger or gunner gets out and drives themselves) but the gunner will make it tricky for the next part of this strategy. Sniping the gunner will bring down much of the vehicle's defense, but the driver could still flatten you. This is why you should be above street level when you do this.


Once both are dead, hurry there and steal the insurgent. If you don't do this, they will simply go back to the vehicle and continue with their rampage. Defend yourself from the revenge-seeking original occupants, and any other people along the way. Please note you are likely to be chased by other people, either out of confusion of you being the original occupants, or by random mental state psychos. Don't forget the police. Being a sitting duck and only using the gun is not a good strategy. Don't forget: Everyone in this city has an RPG.


Having TWO people, on the other hand...





Although Pegasus will later reclaim the vehicle, make your time with it worthwhile. Hopefully this helped.

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Long story short, shoot the driver then the gunner. Then set four sticky bombs on the front of the truck, and run off. when they get back in to chase you set off the bombs. then send LOL texts to former occupants,

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you don't need sniper and a long distance for that.

just shoot them with any gun or rifle from any distance.

Edited by size_m
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Stay in invite only. Don't fight in free roam. Oh, you wanted stupid answers, I see.

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tank > insurgents

Yeah right! Plant 3 sticky bombs to the front of an Insurgent, select "off radar" drive into tank, set off explosives and cruise on past the smoldering scrap metal...

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AT Recruitment

insurgent - Advanced Rifle


Kuruma - Auto shotgun


Tank - 4 Stickies on a car & off radar


Game - Won

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Cutter De Blanc

While I'm taking aim they will cover the distance and kill me.


I'm terrible at sniping under pressure. :/

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I see less of them nowadays. If a person keeps their cool, they are very fragile to a well aimed shot.

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make sure the insurrgent follows you , make sure you have a ffew seconds window , get out of your car pull out your minigun and fire , they die really quick if you use the minigun

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