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The Lost Wall of Memorials

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It's really sad what Rockstar did to TLMC.


Starting 2008, rockstar made it into a powerful, toughneck, hardcore Motorcycle Club.


In 2013, they destroyed it.

They got rid of the AoD, and killed off every character. There's pretty much one living TLaD character, and we will probably never hear about him again.


It's just so sad. They took a dump on the Lost, just because the game didn't sell well.




Lost but not forgotten brothers. Lost but not forgotten.

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It's okay, V pretty much killed every one anyways. At the end of all the stranger and freaks, most of them died. Rockstar decides to bring back characters, just to be killed and it is quite stupid. They at least should've had a bigger part in the story but ya know...FIB.

Edited by vengeancehawk

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It's pretty down-heartening to see it like that. TLAD is a gem though, and the time it was released was a better period for gaming in general.

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I'm still seething about that to this day. Some of the best characters developed for this Installment only to be senselessly killed off.

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Agreed. I can't belive how trevor managned to kill Jhonny,Clay,and Terry. The only ones left that Jhonny could trust apart from the lost and whats left of it at the end of the story. It's amazing how drugs can change you and destroy you inside. Jhonny endend up addicted to meth and went back to that base head ashely. Even though she was his gilrfreind.


A brother migth stab you in the back, a woman certainly will, but a bike will never let you down.

-Jhonny Klebitz (1974-2013)

Edited by GTA_The_Series

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