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[V|REL] Grand Theft Zombies


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Download Link:


To install, place GTZ0.1a.asi AND GTZ.ini into your root folder with ScriptHookV.dll.

Press the "F8" key to enable/disable the mod.

You can change the keycode by editing the ToggleKey in the .ini file using these keys:

This mod will spawn zombies that will keep on generating and attacking you while enabled. You can set the max number of zombies that can be spawned by editing the MaxZombies in the .ini file.

More updates will come soon! As of now, the alpha is nothing compared to what we are doing in the future. Think big, like DayZ big.


- Initial Release.

Grand Theft Zombies Develeoper Team:

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Will zombies have a detection cone so you can sneak passed them? Detect sounds?


EVEN BETTER, Use the mechanics deer use to detect your scent from hunting and detect a players smell. The speed these zombies move is a bit much. Spawn them with a broken leg or a limp? I've seen NPC run with a limp after being hurt a lot but not killed.

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I don't know if anyone have thought of it but why not add the "drunk" walk to the zombies for a more realistic feel.

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This mod and the Blackout mod = Awesome!!!

Thanks a lot for this mod!

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Like I said on GTA5-Mods.com, love the concept so far but v0.1 isn't exactly amazing to play. Given time however, I can't wait to see what you guys can do with it! :D


Edit: For anyone wanting some good gameplay

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-Needs drunk walk


-Also see if you can work on a way so that all peds have a bloody texture effect on them so they all look like zombies similar to gta 4's zombie mod.

Just an idea but maybe make all of the peds that spawn have the wet effect from being in the water, and then hot-swap the wet/glossy texture to a bloody texture and reset the textures to default when the player ends the mod.


The cool thing about the walking dead is the vast variety of zombies, cant wait to snipe zombies with my aviator shades, trucker hat, mullet, handlebar mustache, glass of beer in hand trevor!


Great work!

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Bug Found not really a bug... but yeah

The Weather doesn't change while GTZ Is installed "while zombie mode is off"

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zombies don't disappear there permanent in the game until you load or restart :/

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Im really looking forward to this! Hoping you stop the time/weather from automatically changing.

Hopefully you'll be able to add supplies to collect throughout the world including ammo and food along with a real inventory which restricts the amount of weapons we can carry.

Also other survivors which attack you or befriend you.

Great work so far

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Wish i could have figured out how to get the zombie to attack me no matter what, what to make zombies a full mod like days or atleast zombie infection because i still got the code to it

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Dev Update #1, we are not dead yet!




Is it possible to replace all existing peds with these zombie peds without the need for a spawner of this nature? I'd rather the zombies spawn more naturally and within range become aggressive toward you.

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