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[REL|V] Nissan GTR Mod! Accurate Dash, Interior, and Emblems


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This mod replaces the interior and exterior textures of the elegy. It adds accurate speedometer, tachometer, colored interiors, emblems inside/out, and improved head and tail lights. There are multiple interior color schemes included in the download file. They are as follows.

White and Blue
Purple and Green
Black and Blue
Teal and Red
Violet and Green
Black and Yellow


1.First make sure you have OpenIV - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv
2. Navigate In OpenIV to (Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\)
3. Click FILE and enable EDIT mode
4. Drag and drop the interior ytd file from whatever color scheme folder you choose.
5. Also Drag the elegy2.ytd file over into OpenIV
6. Click FILE, Rebuild, and Rebuild Again.
7. Open GTA 5 and Enjoy


V2- Added new interior theme (Black and Yellow), improved exterior lights, aligned speedometer start position to zero, changed back emblem, added screens and original files. Oh and the speedometer is now accurate to real GTR 0-60 time! Try It! Bug Fixes- (Non matching door color)

V2.1- Added option for KMH on the dash for every interior. Fixed the low quality screens included and removed the backwards logo texture.

To create the dash I used a collection of GTR interior images and retexured them into the existing dash texture. I was careful to make sure the texture and gauge needles synced up. In the end it looks really great! Just google a picture of a real GTR dash.

As Always, back up the files that you are replacing in this mod! You will need them when you want to play online. If you don't switch the old textures back in you may be banned from GTA online when you attempt to access it!

This re-texturing has taken me quite a while! If you enjoy the mod, please drop a like! Thanks

Edited by ItsStory
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Hey mate that looks cool...

Just wanted to ask you, i've changed a few dashes in some cars like the warrener, but ingame they are still the old dash? Even thought the are changed when opening all ytd files again...


any tips?

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Moved to an appropriate section.

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Rizaki Koizumi

Well I can't say that I like your mod simply because it's just a retexture of the Elegy RH8 to have GTR emblems and the like, but this ain't a bad start. It looks pretty good so far. By chance when people will finally be able to edit and view yfts in OpenIV, you gonna create the actual GTR for use? That'll really get people's attention.

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Screenshots are on the mod page. Also a new an improved version is out.

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