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Please help me decide which TV to buy to play GTA 5


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Hey the only people that can help me is you guys. I've understood that GTA V looks different depending on the HDTV you use. Since my old tv is now broken, i need to know which TV performs better with the PS4 and reduces the aliasing of this game by softening edges...if u could share your experience with a direct picture of how the game looks on your HDTV i would very much appreciate it.


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im pretty satisfied with my 27" FullHD LG TV-Monitor. I've seen great difference in GTA since i changed a graphic setting of the PS4 for RGB Range from Auto to Full. If u go for a big TV (like 40+ inch) i would suggest to go for a Samsung one. Just make sure for it to have 200+ hz and u should be fine.


EDIT: Also u can try finding a store that lets u pay the item (the TV in our case), test it, then take it back if u dont like it. I work at Mediamarkt (i think its called Mediaworld in ur country) and the policies in returns should be the same, meaning that u can get a TV, and return it in 14 days and get ur money back or get something else. Hope u find what u need.

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Thanks for the answer. My main concern is the aliasing on this game, my tv was an old 2007 37" 1080p LG . I know it looks better on some tv's more than on others. I've heard positive reviews about Sony and Samsung but it's impossible to find info on the net to understand if the aliasing (jagged edges) are less present on some tv models

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well, another thing u can do is to go inside different stores that have a ps4 plugged to a TV and ask someone in the store to put ur disc of GTA to test it out on the TV then u could always get that one ^^

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