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Need body actors for a film! (PC Version)


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I need body actors to play as characters in a full length film i am trying to make,the friends who were going to do it with me dont have PC's for GTAV so i had to resort to this.If you're interested i will be keeping an eye on this forum post,but if you prefer privacy you can simply contact me directly through steam and the social club

Steam : GameRage101

R*Social Club : GameRage101

First and foremost,this is going to a long project,if you have no interest in sticking around then please don't message me,if someone joins and leaves after filming that will cause so many problems,especially the farther down the line the filming is because everyones character looks different. Secondly age isn't much of a factor but i will not even think about including a kid who can't be patient,if you're younger but think you can have the patience for this then by all means message me. Once i have all actors available,film days will almost never be on weekdays except for special occasions,even then i will message you a week ahead of time before we start shooting so you can be prepared for it,it wont usually be on the spot filming unless by some miracle everyone is online and ready to go.

The requirements to be a body actor are few but do need to be met

1 : This isn't required but it helps - Have a decent amount of spending money to adjust your characters appearence,You wont need a whole lot,but at least a good 50'000 is a good starting point.

2 : At current,i only need male characters but if you have a female character dont be afraid to contact me as i may still have use yet(Script is not finished as of yet)

3 : Patience and tolerance for my rules during filming,please do not mess around during filiming(Random shooting,killing people,crashing into things ETC. ETC. anything nearby will mess up audio and means i will need to re-shoot because someone was being impatient)this only takes more time and causes headaches to the people who are trying to take it seriously.

4 : Understand that filming will be tedious and is not always going to be action packed,it will feel slow alot of the time due to me trying to make it look good as film rather than gameplay so to speak.

5 : The last requirement is a Mic to use ingame,your voice will not be on video but it is required to make the characters mouths move,i need them for my actual VO's

I am also taking auditions for voice actors as well but this is not a requirement to be a body actor and is more in the line of being a special interest,if you are interested in trying to voice act,all you need is a high quality mic and recording/editing software such as audacity or something that can make MP3 files from your recordings and an email to send them to me.

Rules during filming are as follows

1:if i didnt say to do it,dont do it,this means no random shooting,no crashing vehicles nearby and the likes.

2:No attacking other players during filming unless told to do so,usually will not be killing.

Thats about everything,dont be anti-social guys!

PS.You will be credited in this project as well,both in the intro for the film and the end credits,if you wish to remain anonymous you must tell me before i finish the film,otherwise you will have plenty of time to tell me.

Thank you

- GameRage101

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Do you plan to monetize this?

No i do not,this is mostly because of music usage,i wont have the ability to monetize it even if i wanted to.

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System Error Message

This seems interesting but i am in a very different timezone.

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This seems interesting but i am in a very different timezone

I understand,alot of my other people are in different timezones also,if you are interested though i dont film on weekdays due to work mostly,weekends are more suitable if that makes any difference to you,feel free to message me if you're interested though.

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I'd be interested if I can get my game to stop crashing. Waiting to hear back from R* after they escalated my ticket.



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