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Death grip.

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Death grip, black nights,

Cold shoulders, white knights

Candle light, fiends they fight

In the back, burn so bright.


World movers, over-do-ers,

Buddha abusers -

Beautiful muser, corrupt

Like a pipe bomb, defuser.


Hennessy, got your back to me

Memory, lost factually

Scribes of this century, blasphemy

I'd rather be a made man, up in the cife

Fame hits the main lane for dull brains doing ice.


White grasp, white kites,

Hot shoulders, hot lice,

Struggle mite, friends they fight

In the front, freeze frame sight.


We aim high, with the crosshairs and all

We pack tight at night, got the magnum galore

This isn't stagnant at all,

I'm packing static like a manic like my man Biggie Smalls.


Check it, move closer to the Rolls Royce

Lips wetter than a pussy under pressure, defiantly moist

See the brief in the back, black?

Jacksons packed fat, rappers attack and jack -

Don't talk real smack.


We grabbed the duffle bag, and stuffed em' bad

Leave them in the cut, hanging loose, heated & mad

Defeated and sad, we retreated in the montero cab

Checked the ID, right guy, tall slim, name: Judas T. Brad


Split the pay, went our ways, turned to grey then we fade

Jersey Turnpike, slip on black gaze, Versace shades

Phantom like the opera, shady like a masquerade

Whistle blower, Edward Snowden, we are the renegades - of this era

Knee high deep in this ancient terror, shutter of the Bereta

Brainless goons with the silver spoons,

They always get it better - and there ain't no opposing

Monarchy, hierarchy, hand-men-down, bloodline controlling.


Not to get all cynical but it's critical,

Don't ridicule, I'll try to leave this minimal,

It's pinnacle, that I, expose what's underlying

C.I.A wanting links, now everybody's cryings

Sighing, unpredicted like the Mayans

Together, we ain't buying

Something that Bush and Turki hiding

It's frighting, looking back at the Roman Empire

The United States has a date of expire, and attire

Black for the desire, retirement clothes

Funerary roses, white seats in the rows

Dead presidents, and they all rose

To the brainwashed poem that we certainly all know.


O say can you see by the dawn of the light

Money, power, deceived foes, a spectacular sight

With dracula bites, history to re-write

Proposed by the victors in the hours of twilight.


Amendments, false pretences, for going against us,

Like a game of chess, all pawn, and their defence up

Except they lay it all down, evil like Bowser

Eight minutes too late,

Would we still have the South Tower?

Who really has the power to answer all this mess?

Pointing fingers, politics got this brother depressed.

Mind boggled, needed to get this off my chest.

So we smoke this cess.

And that's all.

Edited by Coat.
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It's moody, really, quite long, more than your other poems I've read. Beautiful. I don't know if I this is a poem or some really good Rap. You ought to write a book of verse, you know.

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