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Premier Role Play Community HIRING The Most Elite Spcialied Players


Recommended Posts

San Andreas State Role Play


San Andreas State Role Play (SASRP) community has been operating since February of 2014 and enjoyed a great deal of success during our 9 months of activity on the Xbox 360. Since our transfer to the Xbox One and the ability to double our role play lobbies to 30 players, the path of our evolution, and the subsequent needs have increased.


As we have cycled through well over 200 members since the GTA V Xbox One release in November, and narrowed our roster to just over 60 of the most elite, active, and creative role players the console population has to offer, we have afforded ourselves the ability to implement more specialized divisions across all three primary departments (Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Civilian).


The SASRP will always accept new applications regardless of applicant interest, in efforts to staff each department with the strongest personnel possible, and providing us with a talent pool capable of filling specialized and leadership positions as they become available. Anyone that truly has the drive and professionalism to become an integral part of the ever evolving SASRP, will always be met with open arms and given the opportunity to prove their value.


That said, the specific purpose of this forum post; is because we are looking to fill a few positions in the community immediately or at least in the very near future. Some of these positions are fairly entry level, while still others will require additional training to obtain. Below is that list...


#1 - Municipal Firefighters (with a passion for fire response)

#2 - The Municipal Police Department's Air & Marine specialists

#3 - Civilian Pilots (With interest in immersive flight travel and communication with FAA officials)

#4 - Emergency Services Dispatcher

#5 - Municipal Police Officers (Players who's true passion lives in basic police services)


Once again, any all interested in becoming a part of the most advanced, active, and evolving role play community on console system, regardless of department of interest, are encouraged to apply right away. Below is our community website; review, and submit an application - I will be in touch shortly after.


Rockstar Social Club - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_state_rp

SASRP Website - http://sasrp.enjin.com


We at the SASRP Commanding stuff look forward to speaking to each and every one of you!


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