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Los Santos Emergency Response Branch


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You ever just been driving your car along and wiped that sh*t right out?


Here at the Los Santos Emergency Response Branch we need to know what happened.


Here's how it works.

Snap a photo of the accident and post it below with a funny excuse on how it happened. (Yes silly made up stories with comedic value.)


If you are not here to post an accident you may browse and post comments on others, please try not to be rude.





Yesterday me and a few friends planned to go play golf. (Like everyone else obviously.) My friend only had a 2 door vehicle so we could not bring the other three of us. My friend told me to grab my Cavalcade and carpool.


Soooooo I did. Don't know why their so mad.





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Femme Fatale


Edited by MotelGuy
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Jock Cranley

My friend Garret pooped on my car roof today and I was very upset. Of course it's his parents fault, they didn't raise him right.



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More Jock Cranley replies...for the love of f*ck...more Jock Cranley replies! Please!


Edit... I have a great pic of the Vinewood Tour bus ...just gotta find it, and there are two victims who have a story to tell, sitting slumped over...sleeping.

Edited by auntjeff
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It was then that we were informed that unfortunately no, 24-7 Supermarkets are in fact NOT drive-thru.


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