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about the malware in the gta 5 mods

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hey guys I removed everything such as shell in the regedit and all the files and stuff I went as far as to reinstall gta 5 but I found a shell folder in regedit and deleted it I also found a file called "*" (yes a * )

but I think I went to far as after doing some research this was added by windows I have backups and restore points so it is nothing huge and I really want to re install windows but I really do not want to start again after having this pc like 10 months of having it but I am only 50 % sure I am safe I have changed most in portent passwords such as youtube twitch facebook paypal and rockstar steam and the rest but I re installed gta 5 and it launched in windowed mode witch was strange I wish I checked my processes but I can't remember doing so but the fade folder in regedit so I deleted it again and rebooted 2 times and it has not returned. for the people saying about the "leep" and "fade" in the regedit I only installed the noclip mod and it seems the files where added on the same date as every one else "5/5/2015" on the 5 of may witch seems weird and I only had fade and no leep witch people said "leep" was part of the noclip mod let me know where to look for this "leep" sh*t too please, thanks :) Extra stuff:


the real kicker is that I wanted to start gta modding in gta 5 and I started then I heard the news about all this f*ckery with the malware this really will hit the community hard since I am not even going to download a mod. until it has been like 110 % confirmed to be real by tons of people and youtubers as such rockstar should touch on it even though they do not really approve for modding in gta 5 it should be talked about wont be surprised if rockstar said "I told you so" I still think there is that 1 person out there that has not heard the news and I have been in contact with malwarebytes since It did not detect it I just hope this comes to light even more than it has.

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Use the pinned topic for the discussion about the malware, please.

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