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Shouldn't NPC pre-customized rare car spawns be allowed to be stor


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As everyone searching for rare vehicles has noticed, some of them that are high-end cannot be stored inside your garage. You simply get a notice about having to buy them online. While quite a few actually can be stored it makes me furious that not all rare cars can be. I understand that R* doesn't want people to steal for example the nearest Inferno to then store it or sell it. But common people... rare pre-customized Infernos are hard to find so it's a mockery and a f**k you from Rockstar that we can't keep them as collectibles when we do find them.


So what if they can be sold? You still need to find them right? So why not let the people who like collecting rare cars do just that, while others can do missions and stuff?

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The ones that bother me are the Bifta's and Kalahari's, which can be bought for $40-75,000, but are considered high end, even though they are under the normal dollar limit.

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The one that bothered me is the Daemon. You can find plenty in The Lost gang attacks but can't store them, and they're not for sale. And finding one is almost impossible. I found mine last week I think and I didn't even know such a bike is in the game. I wonder what other vehicles like that are there.

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The problem is how the cars are coded in the game. There is a base code for the car, then other codes for the parts/accessories/paint, etc. They would have to assign another base code to the custom cars.


They've done this already with the Lifeguard Quad you can find on the beach. You can store it, but you cant modify, insure or sell it. So, if you drive it, you risk it being destroyed and unrecoverable.

Edited by PNutterSammich
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