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Route 68 Graphics Request

The Route 68 MC™

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The Route 68 MC™

Hello, I hope this is the right place for this topic so forgive if I'm mistaken. But continuing...


I'm am new to GTAForums and planning to create my own PS3 MC clan. From what I've seen there are quite a multitude of MC clans so forgive me if I seem to be an annoyance.


Really what I want is the works. A main graphic saying "Route 68 MC" along with some more graphics saying "Story, Hierarchy, Board, Points of Interest, and Appearance." I'm not picky about the style, just make 'em look good and MC based if that makes any sense.



Whilst I have these images here, I would like them as "Avatars" I believe they're called. And also can someone fix up the "Prospect" letters? I can't navigate the layers on Social Club and I would like it to look professional.


I guess that's all for now. I would be grateful for all and any help provided.

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Hey bud, first off welcome to the GTAForums!

Now I will start on your Crew Patch tomorrow as im really tired, but I started off on your tags.

If you want me to edit them or have any further questions or requests please let me know ;)






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The Route 68 MC™

They are looking great so far. Thank you so much for this and the welcome.

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Here are your avatars...



And here is a full blown version of the Patch I made [1000x1000 pixels]


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The Route 68 MC™

They are a grand work of art. I give you my thanks and full credit. Now I can get officially started. Thank you so much Jacob.

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No problem at all my friend ;)

Great to hear you can get started off well with your crew now also!

Hope everything goes well for you and your Crew now, have a good day :)

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