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[Q] Create rope object

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Someone succeed creating a rope object? Based on decompiled scripts and in the info on native DB i tried using ADD_ROPE method but no rope appears, and when i try to check if the rope exists the .asi script crash

This is the info in Natives DB:


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Is it possible the "DOES_ROPE_EXIST" native isn't defined correctly? I'm always skeptical about the usage of pointer parameters.

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r* use pointer param too in this method in the decompiled files (xbox and pc version)

one of the problems i have using this is the type of return because in natives.h its defined as Any, so, im not sure what type to use, i tried Integer, int32/64, double ^^, entity, object (.net tries)

this is the code i used to test in a .net script:

Private Function ADD_ROPE(position_x As Double, position_y As Double, position_z As Double,      angle_x As Double, angle_y As Double, angle_z As Double, length As Double,      type As Integer, max_length As Double, min_length As Double, p10 As Double,      p11 As Boolean, p12 As Boolean, p13 As Boolean, p14 As Double, breakable As Boolean,      ByRef p16 As Integer) As integer        Return Native.Function.Call(Of Integer)(Native.Hash.ADD_ROPE, position_x, position_y, position_z,                                                angle_x, angle_y, angle_z,                                                length,                                                type,                                                max_length,                                                min_length,                                                p10,                                                p11,                                                p12,                                                p13,                                                p14,                                                breakable,                                                p16)    End Function    Private Sub keyDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As KeyEventArgs) Handles MyBase.KeyDown        If e.KeyCode = Keys.D0 Then            bPowersOn = Not bPowersOn            Dim tmpPos As Vector3 = Native.Function.Call(Of Vector3)(Native.Hash.GET_OFFSET_FROM_ENTITY_IN_WORLD_COORDS, Game.Player.Character, 0, 2.0, 0)            Dim tmp As Integer            Dim rope As Integer = ADD_ROPE(tmpPos.X, tmpPos.Y, tmpPos.Z, 0, 0, 0, 100, 1, 100, 0.5, 0.5, False, True, True, &H3F800000, 0, tmp)            Native.Function.Call(Native.Hash.ACTIVATE_PHYSICS, rope)            Native.Function.Call(Native.Hash.ROPE_LOAD_TEXTURES)            Dim tmpTimeout As Date = Now            While Not Native.Function.Call(Of Boolean)(Native.Hash._0xF2D0E6A75CC05597) And (Now.Subtract(tmpTimeout).TotalMilliseconds < 1000)                Wait(10)            End While
Edited by julionib

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I'd appreciate some help on this too.
The rope is not visible/effective for me.

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I'd appreciate some help on this too.

The rope is not visible/effective for me.

show your code

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