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Which Celebrity would you like to see involved in GTAO


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Given the proposed 'on going' nature of GTAO, there is a lot of scope for various inclusions and, dare I say, re-visits. Since GTA has 're-visited and re-envisioned former haunts such as Los Santos and Liberty City (just waiting for the inevitable Vice City update), I got wondering about the brief trend started by Vice City and the inclusion of Celebrity voices.


What I want to know is multiple, but primarily which celebrity voice would you like to hear in GTA again (if any). Secondarily which character (presumably with the same actor or at least a similar voice) would you bring back (not necessarily an interactive character (would love to know what happened to Jack Howitzer and the Domestobots).


Finally which other celebrities would you be impressed (or wish) to see take on a bit of GTA voicing.

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So I can Torch him with my flare gun.

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Look at my signature for the answer to your question OP

Edited by AboveAndBeyoncé
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Turkish Turketarian

I hardly know any of the celebrities that everyone talks about. When anyone brings up famous people I'm like "who?". So wouldn't matter to me.

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R* dev in an interview said they won't use famous actors in their games anymore. I'll have to do some digging to find the link.

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Don Maximus Meridius

steven ogg

























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This would never happen as Rockstar never wants to include actual celebrities or things that look very close!


Don't ya'll remember back in 2013/2014 Rockstar almost getting sued by some unknown woman because angame character looked 'similiar'?

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