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Frankling is a pimp (Theory thread)


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Hallo everyone, today i was inspired by the original thread, http://gtaforums.com/topic/794106-was-franklin-denises-pimp/It brought up a intresteing topic i think. Frank being denises pimp, could this be correct? i have now looked over some of the different cutscenes with the new mind set of frankling being a pimp.


So what did i come forward with? Well first of all if we look over some of the different cutscenes we notice the way frank treats denise. Franklin doesnt treat her with respect, he lets other people talk about having sex with her. In Joseph Martinez thread he pretty much proves that Denise is a hooker, what he doesnt prove is if Frank is a pimp.


I found some evidence about the frank pimp thing, First of all in the unicorn club frank knows every girl. its not really 100% that he is a pimp but i have som more pointing in the same direction. When you switch character small cutscenes occurs, sometimes when switcched to franks. You will see him say goodbye to a girl in a taxi. Weird? no not really but if you think about how frankling really wants to get back together with his ex it's kinda weird that he suddenly is getting new chicks.


If Frankling was a pimp what would happend? Good question. I have come up with that maybe some side missions will occur, just like the property missions. Here is an example.

Pimp mission #1


Frankling cell rings, he awnsers. -Yo whats up its the franksta talking to ya! - Frank i got robbed by shaqes, i gave him the good stuff you know but he didnt pay. - Alright girl im on it,

Your mission is now too find this shaqes and threaten him. What franks wasnt prepered on was that shaqes is a member of the vagos, so lamar and frank needs to battle it out.


Well thats it guys hope you enjoyed it, I take request but you should be excited of the new project coming out with luke next week, hal

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I'd rather play a laundromat heist or a ironing minigame.

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No. Everything you said has nothing to do with being a pimp.

Edited by TheKillerDonuts
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Frankling what's that? A mini Franklin?


Franklin's NOT a pimp. The girls at the club work for Trevor after he took over the club, not Franklin. Does Franklin get money from them? No he doesn't.

Edited by Shadowlarvitar
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Denise is a hypocrite feminist, and Franklin a hypocrite gangbanger

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Nah nah nah Gta 6

Whatever this guy says is golden.

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