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Micro stutter/frame skip - frametime spikes


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Howdy all,


I'm experiencing split second frame stutter/skip in GTA V, which also sometimes includes an glitch/crackle in the audio, which from my understanding is a common problem. I've monitored the issue with MSI After Burner and I can see spikes in the frametime:






The frame rate pretty much stays at 60fps, and I have adaptive VSync enabled in the Nvidia control panel, but turned off in game.


I have experimented a lot with turning graphics settings down, but that doesn't seem to affect the frametime spikes. I have also disabled pagefile, but that hasn't made much difference.



My specs:


i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz

GTX 980 (MSI OC1)


Crucial M500 SSD


I was basically wondering if anyone had any ideas I could try to reduce the glitch/spikes. Thanks a lot for your time,




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I have the same problem, but one thing that helped alleviate most of the stutter for me was deleting my R* game folder in My Documents to reset everything. I kept the game saves before deleting. I may just do this every time a new patch comes out.

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Crimson Flam3s

I think I am having the same issue as you, the frame rate stays hugh but the image feels like it stutters for a second.


Put first person mode and quickly spin around and you will feel it for a split second, specially the moment you face foliage. Turning V sync on and off seems yo fix the problem for me.

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Same here FPS is constant 57 - 61 but get these micro stutters and Im only using at most 3100mb (even happens at 2000mb with lower settings) out of 4gb (or 3.5 gtx 970).

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on the commandline made stuttering in my computer reduced and i'm using 200% VRAM capasiity settings


Why don't you try it ?

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Have you tried disabling any and all forms of vsync?


I have used adaptive vsync quite often in other games, until I noticed it was a main culprit in introducing stutter.

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Turn of vsync in nvidia driver and just use the ingame one, problem solved.

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Turn of vsync in nvidia driver and just use the ingame one, problem solved.

Ingame one is just as bad.

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Disable Steam overlay if you're on Steam, it helped here.

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Many thanks for the replies everyone - I really appreciate you taking the time to offer advice.


The microstutter has basically vanished after doing the following:


- Turning Steam overlay OFF

- Turning ON threaded optimization in Nvidia control panel


The weird thing is, there are still spikes in After Burner's frametime graph, but visually I don't get a glitch/frameskip. Maybe the frametime spikes don't represent micro stutter, but either way I'm very grateful for your help.



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I get it too. It helps me when I change a graphics setting, then change it back every time I start the game.

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