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Quickest Way To Level Up Solo Currently ?


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Most of the guides I see on this topic are old, & many of the techniques have been nerfed. So, what works currently that can be done fast?


I found a way that seems pretty fast, but it can get a little boring after a while. I go to the fort & steal a jet, & fly away until I lose the 5 star wanted level. Then, I make repeated passes over the fort at the tip of the runway, low enough to avoid missle launches. This gives me a 4 star wanted level every time I pass over the fort, & once the level clears there is quite a good amount of RP awarded. I can't remember the exact timing, but it seems I can go up one level every 30 minutes or so. I tend to do this more in solo sessions now to avoid being messed with by other players, & it still works fine.


What are some of the methods others are using successfully right now? I am level 23/24 on the 2 chars I'm leveling, & I have all the stats maxed except for strength & flying.


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Hey man if you are looking to level up then quit your fort jet technique, losing stars takes an age and the RP gained is really just a obligatory offering, reckon it's like 400. To put in perspective a gang attack is arguably faster and worth 500 for completing and if there's 20 cats then that's another 500 at 25RP per cat.

So yeah gang attacks are a good source.

Def go after the crate drops, 2000RP for normal 5000 for special.

I think doing contact missions the first time (always on hard = x1.25RP) will net an RP bonus.

Otherwise get the flight school done there is a lot of RP and cash available here (extra first time around both characters).

Obviously heists.

Also not sure how your vehicle upgrades look but you gotta get yourself into a position where you can compete in the big vehicle races, winning these or even just placing is worth good RP. So set up smaller races with custom vehicles off to give u a good chance of gaining a win toward your upgrades so you can fully upgrade your cars and have a fighting chance in the big races.

Best advice for levelling up really is to just keep doing stuff but stay out of Freeroam battles!

Edited by Bandalamente
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Also doing missions on Hard in Free Aim with a Crewmate will give you extra RP.


In Free-Aim you get 50RP per kill instead of 25 you could do the Blow Up 2 method if you can get a friend with a tank to join you just get a tank set up shop and keep killing cops @ 50RP.



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