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[PS4] Dom's Parachute jumps


Go to solution Solved by OmgOmgHax,

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Hello guys, my problem here is that i am going for the platinum, and for some reason i got 12 parachute jumps when i should have 13. i have finished all 12 of them and i have done 3/4 Dom's missions (in order to do the 4th dom's mission, i need to do all 13 jumps). Checklist in rockstar's site says i have done all the Base Jumps, but not all the Heli Jumps. Could this be because i am at 50/69 main missions? Did this glitch? Could it be fixed if i uninstall the game and play without applying any later patches? i seriously need help because the only things left to do to go for the 100% is missions and this one jump...Thanks


Heli jump missing location pictures:







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Update info: i loaded an earlier save and started the first dom mission. it gave me again 12 jumps. seems like its a patch issue, or my game being a bit behind in story mode progression....

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Do all parachute jumps again. If that doesn't work, then finish the story.

Edited by GamesBoy316
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it says i am 12/12. and if u see the pics, i dont even get the 13th to show up

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Sorry-- misread the problem --- Have you done the mission Monkey Business yet??


If not--- http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/634490-grand-theft-auto-v/67514482


Apparently the train wreckage needs to clear up.


The missing jump should show up after you complete Monkey Business.


Source-- google.com


Note-- after you complete the last jump, Dom's final mission should appear-- do it right away... this mission can be buggy (disappear or not appear)-- and can lock you out of 100%-- it is an extremely short mission so don't put it off.



Please report this post if this was not your problem (to get this marked as unsolved)...marking it as solved for now.


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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yeah as i can see from the replay mission tab, i have done the monkey business mission, but the wreckage are still there.. ill try to replay that mission and update here

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nothing happened after replaying the mission... the wrecks are still there and no jump spawned... i certainly hope this wont glitch out for good or else i am gonna **** rockstar.

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  • Solution

FINALY, i fixed it.


So what i did was this:


1) Did the next mission "Hang Ten"


2) Started the mission after (1) called "Surveying the Score" and as soon as i got to the helicopter with Trevor, instead of going to the mission objective, i rushed over the bridge where the train wrecks were, so the game would remove them since they shouldn't be there. As soon as i got there the train wrecks were gone and i still had plenty of time to head to the mission objective.


3) As soon as i finished the mission (2) the jump spawned and after heading there and finishing it, Dom's 4th and last mission "Uncalculated Risk" spawned.


4) Did Dom's last mission and finaly done with that!

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