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PC tunables_processing dehashed

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Since Alexander and listener created and posted decompiled PC scripts, I decided to rewrite my tunables dehasher for the PC scripts. Basically what this does is replace all the known tunable hashes with their name. I use an older tunables script from PS3 that used the strings for each tunable rather than a hash. Doing this makes it 100x easier to find existing ones like snow, old dlc, etc but new ones are still hashed. If you'd like to, feel free to sort thru which ones are still hashed and try them out. If they do something awesome post them here for others to try!


View the file here


HOWTO (we will use TURN_SNOW_ON_OFF as an example):

1) search for the tunable you want in the file


2) it'll look like this:

sub_40fa((a_0), (a_1), "TURN_SNOW_ON_OFF", g_40001._f12ca, 1);

ignore the first integer after the name, that's just the global value, but the second one is what we want to look at. This is the index of the tunable. Obviously this is in hexadecimal so the decimal value is 4810 (don't include the 'f', it's not apart of the value).


3) use ECB2's tunable editor (if it's still being updated) to add this as a custom one. Alternatively, if you have the pointer to the tunables region in memory, you can jump there, multiply the index by 8 and then add it to the pointer address value. It should jump you to the value in mem. Since this tunable is a bool the value will just be 1.


The tunables are a mix between bools, ints and floats. Multipliers are always floats, toggle ones are bools and anything else is generally an int. You could use what I said above to jump to the address and take a look. That will show what value it is if you're uncertain.


Have fun and if you have any questions or suggestions for what I could do, lemme know! I'm thinking about possibly adding the name as a comment next to the value initializers for each index so you can just look down there at the value for each tunable.

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