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Green Comet.


Recommended Posts

Best methods to stop that ignorant prick with the green comet in 40 seconds? [Closing The Deal]

Believe you me that I've done it once so far, but only once in an consecutive attempt after having

stickied his ass just to teach him some driving manners and comply with the objectives, witch

resulted in failure, alas the stupid timer also kept counting from that first attempt so I ended up

with a 1:34, having driven him into one of those palm trees right outside

that house in about roughly 18 seconds.

But that hasn't ever worked again on the first attempt, and its pointless if that only

works on consecutive attempts when the timer has exceeded gold goal.


:rampage: "iTRiP" :rampage:


List of methods that would have been cool to make it in 40 seconds, that don't work, but are still fun to try.


*Blocking both exits of the targets location with busses or trucks, doesn't

work, the green comet defies physics.


*Sniping the tires with a silenced rifle from a vantage point, doesn't work, the green comet

driver has super hearing and sense that allows knowledge of something wrong.


*Using one of the games tow trucks fails to hook the green comet in time before the target escapes.


*Flying overhead with a Cargobob fails to grapple green comet in time.

Edited by iTRiP
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I think i got lucky i just shoot on tires and did p.i.t. maneuver on 40s and thats it.

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Yeah I can second you on getting luck with that method, tried that too made it once with

a one shot tire pop and a pit "manoeuvre" and I hit it strait on the money, time of

40s, but the gold goal is within 40s.


You want to know why I was asking is because I was seeking a method that doesn't

compromise on accuracy.


:rampage: "iTRiP" :rampage:


With a high frame rate that Green Comet is blistering fast, I must have

attempted this 30 odd times.


Finally made [Gold] my best so far is 27 seconds, method: Drive in from the road where

the jogger is to chase the green comet on the palm trees road leading up the hills, attempt

one at the gate, attempt two pit manoeuvre at the palm trees, attempt tree at the four way

crossing where the traffic cars might help, attempt four pit manoeuvre at the speed limit

15 sign in to the wall, getting out of one's ride with a hammer or baseball bat in hand

to hit the prick once.


I guess if you cant make it in those four attempts within the first try you'll

surpass 40s and will have to load game and restart.


:rampage: "iTRiP" :rampage:

Edited by iTRiP
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I just shot his engine with the AP-Pistol and made it within 9 seconds.


just shoot the tire with a drive by and make him crash, worked for me

Congratulations :blink:, did you also acquire [Gold] along with that? how many times

did you attempt it? do you know how many bullets it took before the green comet

gave in and stopped? did your attempt affect your accuracy, and by how much?


:rampage: "iTRiP" :rampage:

Edited by iTRiP
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